Why is the Presence of Guantanamo Bay Ex-Detainees in Ghana Doing People’s Heads In?

Wed, 13 Jan 2016 Source: Adofo, Rockson

Former President J. J. Rawlings refused to accept America's request to release into Ghana's wildlife chimpanzees that had been caged for years and subjected to all sorts of laboratory trials in search of medication for treating or curing various diseases with HIV inclusive. This can be checked from the web link http://allafrica.com/stories/199912030228.html (Ghana rejects the exportation of chimpanzees from the USA).

Chimpanzees are the closest in resemblance to human beings in terms of behaviour and in DNA structure. Therefore, most medical trials in search of the effects of various viruses and bacteria on human beings and the subsequent invention of drugs to cure one infected with such viruses are mostly carried out on chimpanzees and monkeys.

In the history of Africa, these laboratory-tested chimpanzees and monkeys released into our forests are somewhere along the line proven or alleged to have carried various diseases like Ebola and HIV, just, but to mention a few. These engineered diseases have in the end devastated the population fatally.

There is a publication with the following title and link that gives some insights into how Ebola came into Liberia and Sierra Leone. Ebola: How US lab dumped infectious monkeys in Liberia, + video



There seem to be an ongoing clever attitude on the part of the most intelligent and wise Americans or the Western civilized world, to seek to dump anything that is not good for them, or that is with intent to effectuate secret clinical trial, on the dumb, less intelligent, less wise but more corrupt and myopic Africans.

Our African leaders most of who are not intelligent but insatiably greedy, selfish and without any sense of purpose to serve their country and people with distinction, rush for any suggestion by the advanced countries to dump any rubbish that come into their mind on Africa.

America has a land size that is hundreds of times over bigger than Ghana. It has tropical forest land mass that is many several times bigger than that of Ghana.

They are a million times technologically advanced and richer than Ghana. However, they seek to always dump things that have negative effects in the end, on Ghana or Africa.

I do not blame them but our Ghanaian or African leaders who by their sheer acts of stupidity and greediness, allow themselves to be baited with poisonous offers making Ghana or Africa the refuse dump for most of these Western countries hence the spread of many previously unknown deadly diseases that our currently devastating the lives of Ghanaians.

Why should President Mahama and his government accept the two former Guantanamo Bay prisoners or detainees into Ghana on simple request, or under pressure, by the United States of America? If the most powerful nation on earth (USA) with all her land surface area hundreds of times larger than Ghana cannot contain these two individuals, how can Ghana do?

The American people have objected to having them because they perceive them to be dangerous and Muslim fanatics who may be capable of causing terrorism on their soil.

Is it not said, "What is good for the goose is also good for the gander?" In its reverse logic, what is not good for the gander should also not be good for goose". Why these two individuals that America with all her intelligence clout, military superiority, economic might, and astute handling of terrorism and insecurity do not desire to have them on her soil, be accepted with open arms by President Mahama?

Does President Mahama think it is not for nothing that America has sought to dump them in Ghana?

Is it not said, "The tsetse fly will never be short of blood in its head?" The tsetse fly is a Saharan insect that mostly follows cows, biting and sucking their blood. It feeds only on blood. Similarly, these two Guantanamo ex-detainees, whether they are moderate or radical Muslims, they are still dangerous and do pose security threat to Ghana.

What were they doing in Afghanistan before they were captured? What were they doing, holidaying or what?

I would have no qualms with anyone accepting them into Ghana were they mere refugees escaping from persecutions of some sort. They are not. They are either wrongly or correctly ex-prisoners. Do they not have a country, Yemen, to go to? If their country is at war against itself, why were they not sent to one of their nearby Arab or Muslim countries?

Did they choose where they wanted to go or America decided to dump them on Ghana? If they did choose their destination, why did they choose Ghana but not any of the advanced nations or a country nearer to their country of origin?

I shall come back to treat this issue extensively.

What pisses me off is the view expressed by one Irbad Ibrahim, a so-called Security expert. He behaves like any other irresponsible Ghanaian or African leader who thinks more about having money in their pockets than pondering over the consequences of having dubious money. He says and I quote, "Ghana's decision to accept the detainees will rather enhance our reputation in the eyes of the international community, there are goodies that come with this...there's no cause for alarm" (http://www.ghanaweb.com/GhanaHomePage/NewsArchive/Gitmo-transfer-Ghanaians-fussing-over-nothing-Irbad-405981).

Will Ghana be able to monitor these two ex-detainees? Will they not by any way seek to radicalise our moderate and faithful Ghanaian Muslim community?

By the time we are aware of what they are capable of doing; it will be too late for the corrupt and weak Ghana security forces to act. Is had I known not said to be always at last?

Have I not said elsewhere that President Mahama is not all that intelligent by his acts and decisions? All he thinks about is how he can possess money fraudulently and or rig elections to continue to stay in power.

Ghanaians, we are playing with fire by having these two Guantanamo Bay ex-prisoners in our midst.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson