Why it is obvious that Ghanaians fear Akufo-Addo than John Mahama

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Fri, 12 Mar 2021 Source: Joel Savage

Apart from military regimes, Ghanaians, including journalists, that have enjoyed a peaceful atmosphere and free speech in previous democratic governments, can agree with me that there is something different about the current political situation in the country under Nana Akufo-Addo.

Let’s turn back the clock in particular and highlight past political events under other leaders and analyze it with the current government and you will quickly find out that many Ghanaians live in fear and anxiety. They fear for their lives.

A good leader creates a pleasant friendly environment in which the happy citizens have nothing to worry or fear about, yet so many Ghanaians live in fear because of Akufo-Addo's tyrant-style and dictatorship leadership many fear to speak about them.

Have you noticed how the silence of fear has fallen on Ghana after a series of kidnappings and assassinations, including the journalist Ahmed Hussein-Suale in the country?

According to many publications, Akufo-Addo is a Human Rights lawyer, yet he doesn't know that Treating citizens fairly, respectfully, and adopting a transparent attitude, always gains the confidence of the people.

The president refused to listen to the voice of the people and under false pretense make deceptive public utterances as if everyone loves him and the administration but that’s not true.

Akufo-Addo burning ambition to win the 2020 elections blocked his vision to see clearly some of his bad policies, yet he was continuously criticizing John Mahama.

With the whole of Ghana behind you, the former president, John Mahama was declared corrupt and unfit to protect the public purse. However, you Akufo-Addo, the very one who promised to fight corruption has been involved in serious corruption scandals than John Mahama.

What is strange and difficult about this is those people that were screaming for John Mahama to be crucified are nowhere to do the same to Akufo Addo today.

The Christian Council, the media, and other organizations that made John Mahama’s life hell due to the rampant corruption during his tenure are now aiding and abetting president Akufo Addo's crimes and corruption.

This is obvious that people are scared of Akufo Addo and it is very bad for the nation. Not at all, such a thing should never happen in a country like a democratic Ghana.

Ghana is not Burma under military rule for such silence to fall on the nation. You have already noticed this Akufo Addo, about 75% of Ghanaians have lost confidence in you and now are struggling to win back that confidence, however, I am sorry to say that you are wasting your time.

Despite the ruined of Ghana’s economy with your relatives, including the Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta, by printing high currency notes into the market of an already troubled economy, without any shame, today, you so bold to say “We’re good managers of the economy, protectors of the public purse.” Whose purse are you protecting?

I have said it over and over that Akufo Addo, I don’t hate you but the truth must be spoken. You are the worst leader in Ghana's political history, even if this will cost my head, I will say it.

How can someone that promised frustrated sick and tired Ghanaians to fight corruption will be in such massive corruptible deals yourself?

Yet, you want Ghanaians to praise you, not at all, in every country there both intelligent and non-intelligent people, let the morons praise you.

None of your ministers, including the Finance Minister, is qualified to hold a post in the country, because we don’t see any improvement in Ghana under your administration.

Mahama has already been declared corrupt and not the current President of Ghana, therefore, I have nothing to write about him. My articles are based on the con-man called Nana Akufo Addo, who actually holds the master-key of corruption.

If Akufo-Addo truly cares about the poor suffering Ghanaians, he should remember that he became president because of their votes; therefore, the need to listen to people is necessary.

He doesn’t even know or care about how mothers and fathers struggle to feed their children, yet he is claiming to be the manager of the economy.

Despite all the noise Akufo-Addo, the Vice-President, Bawumia, and the arrogant Minister of Education, Matthew Opoku Prempeh made about the Free-Education program in the country, you lost the elections miserably, and one Jezebel, helped you to be in office today as the unwanted Ghanaian president.

That’s the biggest shame in Ghana’s political history that many foreign countries have recorded.

Columnist: Joel Savage