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Upper East Citizens decry NDC propaganda.

Upper East Citizens decry NDC propaganda.

Sat, 4 Jul 2015 Source: Superior, Musa

The NDC is ignorant. They think they can always have their way with their propaganda and deception. In their desperate attempt to tag the NPP as "believers" in occultism, they have landed themselves into a deeper trouble.

When some campaigners of the NPP visited a traditional chief to inform him about the presence of our Party in his area to campaign and duly followed the prescribed traditional process to see the chief; by taking off their top dresses as the tradition demands, the NDC has gone "haywire", tagging our Party "develish" and by extention denigrating and insulting the revered Chief and his people.

I was educated about the Ting-dana. He is a powerful traditional leader and respected by the people. The community has demanded an unqualified apology from the NDC and its agents for insulting the Chief and his people.

There is therefore no iota of truth in the latest, ill fated propaganda being circulated by the NDC in the social media and published in the pro-NDC newspapers that we in the NPP visited a shrine in Tongo. It is false and must be disregarded by all. They want to distract us from the real and key issues.

As I write, the some Chiefs of the Upper East are readying to issue a challenge to the NDC on the matter. I am told they are livid at the foolhardiness of the NDC. An opinion leader in Kaare expressed his disappointment at a night rally yesterday describing the NDC's propaganda as disrespectful. He called on all the chiefs in the Region to "teach them a lesson".

The NPP respects the cultures and traditions of the good people of the country. We revere our chiefs and opinion leaders in our communities. We are a very cultured Political Party and traditionally sound. That is why our members visited the Chief bare chested as traditionally demanded.

We are focused on the reason we are here in Talensi and will campaign to the core to retain the seat. The entire NPP family is busy. Our job is to out-campaign the NDC in this contest and defeat them on the 7th of July. And we are doing so excellently. Our leader and flagbearer arrived last night to support and encourage the campaign and the NDC is panicking and employing all kind tactics to disrupt our effort.

In the last few days, the NDC have spent millions of Ghana cedis opulently with sheer disregard of the our current "weak" economy. The taxpayers money is being wantonly distributed voluptuously but the people are resolved to doing the right thing by voting for the NPP candidate. They are further exacerbated by the glaring disrespect of their tradition by the NDC.

Thankfully, this propaganda has backfired and the locals here are beginning to have a truer picture of the NDC.

Columnist: Superior, Musa