The "god" might had been crazy but not the constitution this time

Sun, 5 Jul 2015 Source: Nana Kwadwo Akwaa

There are parts of the constitution that makes it looks "CRAZY" from a logical point of view but not from a constitutional point of view though.

For instance, considering our kind of world and mentality, because of, especially HUNGER/POSITION, people will like to PROTECT, DEFEND their HELPER as long as his/her remedy to HUNGER/POSITION will continue to last as long as his/her HELPER also continue to last in his/her POSITION especially when his/her HELPER'S continuous stay in his/her POSITION will in a way, through either a biased/unbiased approach, depend on him/her and/or his/her POSITION.

Also others whose continuous stay in their POSITIONS even though won't depend on his/her HELPER but because of our culture of GRATEFULNESS or for the sake of continous getting of other favours for him/herself or for his friends or for his/her relatives from this HELPER, most see it the need to protect/help his/her HELPER.

Examples are the appointments of the Chief Justice, Supreme Court Judges, IGP, EC boss, AG, CHRAJ boss and others by the president on either the advice/consultation of the Council of Elders

But with this case of SG JUDGEMENT, DRILLSHIP SAGA, I can assure you, it wasn't a case of the CONSTITUTION'S CRAZINESS but rather the CRAZINESS of a "god" who was in charge of making a constitution work.

I call this "god"'s action CRAZY because the "god" for a no reason made an intentional constitutional error which we all believe can only occur when there is only a period of CRAZINESS experience on the part of the "god", because we all know the worth of our "gods" and their unlikelihood to make such mistakes.

I say this because, I followed every bit of this DRILL SHIP, SOCIET GENERAL-GHANA GOVERNMENT JUDGEMENT DEBT SAGA and I mean where it started from(Rawlings/NDC) till when it ended(Kuffour/NPP).

People who were called for hearing(KT Hammond, Tsatsu, Kan Dapaah, Kpodo, Quaah and others.

Others who challenged to called to be heard but were never called(Nana Addo)

I also remember some of the drama which occurred during the hearing with some very funny ones being KT Hammond crying before the commission in addition to talking about his mother's health being affected negatively due to his questioning, I also remember how happy he was when a good Samaritan handed him some documents which saved him.

I remember all these and also remember a part of the constitution which clearly explains "A PERSON WILL BE PASSED JUDGEMENT ON, ONLY AFTER A FAIR HEARING HAS BEEN GIVEN HIM/HER."

Note, aside its constitutional principle as explained above, the principle of natural justice also demands that every accused person must be given a fair hearing.

And so, failure to permit that is an affront to the GHANA CONSTITUTION and a VIOLATION of the NATURAL PRINCIPLE also.

So I'm shocked after the commission failed to call Nana addo and give him a FAIR HEARING, even after NANA ADDO had volunteered to be called but yet commision failed to grant him one, the commission headed by Justice Appau could still accuse him of what they accused him of, makes it truly an affront to/a wrong against the CONSTITUTION OF GHANA and therefore against the rights of Nana Addo.



And so I say again, this wasn't the CRAZINESS of the constitution but rather the CRAZINESS of a "god"

Thank you and may God be praised always

By: Nana Kwadwo Akwaa

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Columnist: Nana Kwadwo Akwaa