Government is most unequal opportunity employer

7th Parliament1 Ghana's 7th Parliament

Thu, 17 Aug 2017 Source: Barbara Woode

It is interesting hear interesting debates these days on our various social media on the current wage bill which is eroding the economy. The government for some time now has blamed most of the countries financial woes on the huge government wage bill which is in effect crippling the finances of the State.

But the million dollar question to this dilemma is which sectors are responsible for the huge wage Bill in Ghana presently.

It is interesting to note that a Cert “A” teacher right after training College earns more than a Degree Holder under the single spine salary scheme. Similarly a constable who has undergone a 6 month training to qualify as a constable in the police Service earns more than a degree Holder under this salary scheme as well as a military man who immediately after a 6 month training program earns more than a Degree Holder on this same single spine Salary scheme.

It is every true that all the professions are very important and they all play a very vital role in the economy. The teachers do a very wonderful job of developing the minds and impacting knowledge and these very essential functions cannot be equated in money terms. Similarly the military and the police also play a very role by ensuring there is peace and order and their jobs are equally so risky that a value cannot be placed on their role in money terms…..

The question to be asked then is what about the degree Holder and other certificate holders under the single spine salary scheme? Does it mean they are not useful at all? Is it to mean that it is for nothing for parents to invest so much in their wards education into tertiary institutions only for them to complete their higher level education land a job with a Government Department and live below the standards of their mates who had undergone police/military training or Training college education who in essence did not even invest in their own education?

It is interesting to realize that is the situation we find our

selves in presently as a country since a lot of people do not earn on merit basis. People struggle so much to earn qualifications, which the government places little, or no emphasis on in the end where as people who struggle to make it to any of the Forces for their standard six month training end up being recognized so much.

It sad and very interesting that such is our fate presently as a country aiming to develop further. It is sad that the very government who develops and implements policies for the wellbeing of the citizenry should be the very body to treat the working population in this unfair manner.

I am of the view that, the entire Single Spine Scheme should be reviewed to ensure that people are placed on appropriate scales which matches their skills and competence with their duties.

Columnist: Barbara Woode