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Will Boakye Djan Please Shut The Hell Up!

A couple of days ago, excepts of an interview given to a magazine outlet were posted

on this forum. It was the former spokesperson of the AFRC; Maj. Boakye Djan playing

the pontiff by seemingly exposing the stupidity of Rawlings the menace. In the

interview he challenged Rawlings to distinguish between a military rule and a

constitutional rule, which we all know Rawlings doesn't know, hence his position as

a pest in the vine of democracy. Folks, before I cut to the chase let me preface by

saying the title of this article is not in anyway, shape, manner or form in defends

of Rawlings, (a criminal legitimized by our sham constitution), but as a proponent

of democratic tenets, I find it very annoying to hear Boakye Djan blow his irritable


Prior to the June 4th '79 coup, the prep up to democratization was in cruise

control. Political parties had been formed, the constitution was drafted and the

entire nation was elated about the prospects of a civilian rule that loomed on the

horizon. Rawlings who was seating in jail as the result of a batched coup at that

time, was whisked out of jail by this same Boakye Djan who now wants us to believe

he knows more about constitutional rule and parliamentary maneuvers. Since then

Rawlings has become the subject of our democracy with his devoid of common sense

coupled with millions of stolen money at his miserable disposal, whiles Boakye Djan

the Architect of the June 4th uprising lives in petty. Before I handle this cry

baby, let me take a detour by postulating to readers and commentators this question;

Why will Boakye Djan who claims to be politically astute, decree a thing with

Rawlings whom he claims can't distinguish between constitutional rule and military

rule under a tree, and implement it in 2 hours.. What a fish story.

Boakye Djan let me tell you something, if you can't reach the top of the tree to

pluck the apple you so desires, don't call it a bad fruit. You came out swinging at

Rawlings out of jealousy. If you had benefitted financially from the coffers of the

nation as he has, you would be dancing to his vituperate tunes as his devotees does

day in and day out. Like him or hate him, this twerp you imposed on us is a force to

be reckoned with. Also, if you are well vexed in constitutional matters as you

claim, you wouldn't have interrupted the democratic process by engineering the June

4th coup. Columnist and commentators to this forum have been exposing the rabbit

trails of Rawlings and we don't need you to tell us he is intellectually deficient.

We know he is a criminal and so are you for foisting him on us. So please shut the

hell up! I would've deemed you credible had you taken full responsibility for the

pungent presence of this cultic moron on our political stage who continues to make a

mockery of our Republic. And if it had not been for the lord whom I fear, I would

have called you a stupid man, but I will shelve that till you come out with another

self deprecating trash. Shut your pig already.

By Kwadwo Poku N Y

Columnist: Poku, Kwadwo

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