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Will Ghanaians sit on the fence while NDC rig Election 2016?

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Thu, 9 Jun 2016 Source: Rockson Adofo

Ghana is in excruciating pains. Her economy is bleeding profusely to the point of lapsing into coma. The safety and security of about 99.9% of the populace is not guaranteed because the entire security personnel are at the beck and call of President Mahama and the NDC, ready to unleash devastating injuries on anyone as may be ordered by their masters.

The security personnel are no longer professionals, but cowards who have allowed their selfish parochial interests to overshadow their basic obligations to the nation. Instead of being of unquestionable service to the people and the nation to court the unqualified support of the entire population, they are rather serving the interests of only the President, his party and cronies.

The Electoral Commission, the so-called Peace Council and some fake pastors and prophets who walk with their stomach and will offer the bullying President their unflinching support just to freely and easily earn the material wealth they crave, are obviously in league with NDC to rig election 2016.

President Mahama and his NDC government are determined than never before to go any length to dubiously win the impending Election 2016. They are understood to have imported eight electronic jamming machines into the country to be installed in various places. These machines are intended for jamming the radio frequencies during the elections to prevent any radio station from running any news and commentaries on the development and the results of the elections.

For the fear of some radio stations flouting the dictatorial order, the first of its kind, by the Chair of the Electoral Commission, Mrs Charlotte Osei, who has warned all radio stations not to declare any preliminary election results as they become aware of until she does them herself, the NDC who are desirous to rig the election have secretly imported these electronic jammers?

What is an electronic jammer, one may wish to know? Electronic jammers can jam radars and radio frequencies. They are of various types but President Mahama, his government and the crooks within NDC with whom he plans to rig the election have gone for the most effective one, the Barrage Jammer. “Barrage jamming is the jamming of multiple frequencies at once by a single jammer. The advantage is that multiple frequencies can be jammed simultaneously; however, the jamming effect can be limited because this requires the jammer to spread its full power between these frequencies, as the number of frequencies covered increases the less effectively each is jammed”

The Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Mrs Charlotte Osei, is doing whatever dubiously that she can to assist the NDC rig or win election 2016 on a silver platter. She is refusing to remove the names of the NHIS-cardholder registrants, foreigners and the deceased from the voters register contrary to the directives issued by the Supreme Court.

The BNI are understood to be playing a supportive role liaising with the Electoral Commission in realising the evil intentions of Mrs Charlotte Osei, the handpicked appointee by President “Me ntie obiaa” Mahama. The Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mr Kudalor, is also aiding the election rigging scheme by threatening to block the social media network during the Election Day. All these ploys are to help President Mahama and NDC rig the election to continue to compound the financial burden and insecurity faced by the majority of Ghanaians.

Armed robbers seem to have been given free hand to operate their nefariously lethal trade for reasons only best known to the government.

For how long are the innocent Ghanaians, who are the majority but poor and being mistreated, continue to sit down doing nothing to defend themselves? Is it not said in the Akan proverb, “If you chase the coward, you end up confronting their manliness”? Is it also not a known, or an established, fact, that when any animal is cornered, it musters courage to fight back with intent to regain its freedom?

Why is it that Ghanaians have resigned themselves to fate taking its natural course instead of bending it to suit us? Why have we allowed President Mahama and those corrupt, incompetent and clueless individuals within his circle to bully us into silence while they wreak economic, social and political havoc on the country?

Going by what Mrs Hilary Clinton, the newly elected American Democratic Party presidential candidate has said, “My mother… taught me to never back down to a bully. Which turned out to be pretty good advice”, what are Ghanaians doing? Are we backing down to the loquacious NDC bullies who have teamed up with the Electoral Commission and the Security Forces to rig the upcoming general elections?

Does the bible not say in James 4:7 – “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you?”

Would Mrs Hilary Clinton have been elected the presidential candidate of her party if she had not stood up to the bullies foot by foot, and in the end overpowering them? If she had cringed before them, allowing fate to take its natural intimidating course, they would have trampled over her same as President Mahama is at the moment walking over Ghanaians in such a disrespectful manner. But because she stood her ground, believing in the strength of what her mum told her, she has emerged victorious.

If we resist the intimidations, bullies and all the threatening tactics adopted by President Mahama and his bunch of unprecedentedly corrupt government appointees and cronies, they will flee instead of staying on to rig the elections to impose themselves on us against our will. All that we need is purpose of mind to have what we want.

Is it not said, “Determination backed by action is the key to success?” If we should collectively decide to pull our efforts together, make a resolute determination to liberate ourselves from the shackles of hardships and slavery wrought around our wrists, ankles and waist by President Mahama, “YES WE CAN”.

Can’t we use our thumps and fierce posture to kick President Mahama out during election 2016? Yes we can! What are we waiting for then? We only need solidarity and determination!

Let me end by advising all those Ghanaians who want a change of government to better their overall circumstances; conditions of living, security and respect for their human rights, to remember the following two quotes.

“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life”, said Mohammed Ali.

“Every great nation on earth was built on the sweat and blood of its citizens”, said Boris Yelstein.

We cannot continue to be cowards for President Mahama to disrespect us by stealing all the nation’s money and then ask us to keep our mouths shut, for we do not know what it takes to govern a nation!

Columnist: Rockson Adofo