Will Mahama become president in January 2021?

Tue, 12 May 2020 Source: Anthony Obeng Afrane

Hi folks, I know I have been missed very much. I was almost always unreachable for months.

I was on over 250 platforms which made my phone crashed repeatedly till it completely got damaged; this together with some issues made me go into a total lockdown months before the President announced his partial lockdown.

Kikikikiki, I am now under partial lockdown, but I feel obliged to release this article to appease my esteemed fans.

Since January, 2017, when the NPP won power in Ghana, the political landscape has been poisoned with a lot of suspicion about the possibility of the ruling party rigging the 2020 elections; this mistrust was heightened when some leading members of the NPP openly made statements that their party is going to rule for decades.

And the removal of the Electoral Commission boss, Mrs. Charlotte Osei and her deputies exacerbated issues.

The perception that the sacked EC leaders were replaced by people who are loyal to the ruling party worsened matters, with some section of the Ghanaian electorate reading meaning into the issuance of the Ghana Card, the intended implementation of ROPA and the planned compilation of a new voters’ register.

It would be cynical for anyone to think that a pandemic which has claimed many lives and crippled the economy of many nations will benefit anybody. It’s therefore, important for me to express my views without violating the established standards of decency.

Unfortunately, the executions of the above stated exercises have stalled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. And I have heard some people say that nature has a way of correcting the ills of society.

Gosh! This sounds sarcastic, isn’t it? I am not in sync with this linkage though.

I, however, in some way believe that nature indeed has a way of correcting the ills of society, for instance the hash climatic conditions we are experiencing today is as a result of deforestation and other bad human activities. Anyway, let me put this on hold and tell you something newsy.

In November, 2018, I wrote a piece, “Happy Birthday, JM” to commemorate the 60th birthday of former President John Dramani Mahama, little did I know that my write-up had gained some form of international attention.

I got to know of this just last month when I googled my name to see what is happening around me. A Black American numerologist in the US who seems to have interest in our country had intercepted my work and made some interesting pronouncement about the future prospects of the former president on her blog.

According to her, “The archers bow will shoot straight to the chase and deceptions that the former president may face, and that his tests are over and he has graduated to excellence through the flames of ascension.” The numerologist went further to say that President Mahama will manifest excellence in the year 2020.

I feel a zing of anticipation waiting for what 2020 has in store for the people of Ghana, and time is slowing to an agonising crawl. I am not a fan of numerology though, but given the current happenings, it seems to me that an unseen hand is tilting the scale in favour of the former president.

Columnist: Anthony Obeng Afrane
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