Will Rawlings get the Sack from the NDC Party?

Fri, 18 Jun 2010 Source: Adofo, Rockson

Oops! The Rawlingses are suffering a backlash of angry feeling from within their own lawless NDC extended family. The Rawlingses have pushed their luck over and above its elasticity point. There are now apparent cracks in their luck and it is about to snap and surely it will. Former President Rawlings who is indescribably arrogant and intimidating has overstepped the boundaries outside which he can no longer terrorize Ghanaians with impunity. His "One-man-thousand" brouhaha is grinding to a halt amid castigations and unsavoury insinuations from his NDC camp. He is now "obiaa nya obiaa". His balls are shrinking and his own friends within the party of which he is a founder are pushing him over the precipice. They find his outrageous utterances and outbursts very objectionable. They are fed up with his bullying tactics and they have concluded it is about time he was gagged for good. To the NDC fold, enough is enough with Rawlings.

Former President Rawlings thinks Ghana is his. He thinks he can have his way as and when needed just at the crack of his finger. He has been living a life of extravagance and false altruism ever since he was aided by Capt. (rtd) Boakye Djan on 4th June 1979 to usurp the administration of Ghana from Lt. General Akuffo's SMC 2 government. He has ever since seen himself as the only unchallengeable strongman in Ghana to whom all must bow when he speaks. Now, that thin air of pomposity from which he draws his strength is escaping him. As morning dew evaporates with the rising sun, so are the fame and the strength of Rawlings sagging. His once most trusted friends, his school boys-stooges are deserting him in droves. They can no longer cope with what they have come to acknowledge as the subversive, intimidating insanity of Rawlings.

The NDC themselves are threatening to reveal the horrors concealed in the Rawlingses' closet should Lady "Nchanga" Rawlings Agyemang Konadu dare declare her candidacy for nomination as the flag bearer of their notorious party. They still prefer the incumbent President Fifii Evans Atta Mills to go for a second term. They feel the candidacy of Lady "Macbeth" Konadu Agyemang will culminate in NDC losing woefully the 2012 parliamentary and Presidential elections. Why? This is because Rawlings has made himself unpopular by his constant bad-mouthing and destructive criticisms of President "Squeaky Clean" Evans Fifii Atta Mills. A sizeable portion of the NDCs are still following the Rawlingses as though they are headless chicken. They see them as living Legends; living murderous Legends may be.

The June 4th celebrations which I hate with passion but adored by the NDCs are about to be consigned to the history books. This year's June 4th celebration has been a precursor of the doom awaiting NDC come 2012 elections. Mrs. Rawlings seized the opportunity to test the waters to see how admirable she may be in the eyes of Ghanaians to having her as their first ever Lady President. I have always warned that the June 4th and the 31st December celebrations are springboards for the Rawlingses to stage a come back to the country's helm of affairs. Fortunately, it has backfired on them. The hatred for the Rawlingses has never been as great as now. It is a revolution within their very NDC rotten home. The evil that men do lives after them and "he who lives by the sword dies by the sword" The Rawlingses are after all not saints as they want Ghanaians to believe. They are just playing on the intelligence of many unsuspecting Ghanaians but now their trickery has been exposed.

They are about to get their comeuppance for their wickedness towards Ghanaians. The Rawlingses should stop deceiving themselves as persons only born to lead but not led. Until they behave themselves responsibly as advised, they will never have internal peace but will permanently be ridiculed by the majority of Ghanaians. I leave Rawlings to the NDCs to crucify their own kind. The Rawlingses should go on their needs to beg for the forgiveness of sins from God. They should also apologize to all Ghanaians for the pains they have needlessly inflicted on them, being insulting, oppressive and murderous as they are. By the celebration of this year's 4th June, they have begun the journey that will lead them into the sunset of their political life. Rawlings is just a waste of space in our current Ghanaian political arena. His own NDC party have come to that realisation hence being on the move to impale him on his own words and actions similar in significance to wrought iron.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson