Governance turned infighting: So can our politics ever be decent?

Naabu Otiko Northern Regional Chairman of the NPP, Bugri Naabu and Minister for Gender, Otiko Djaba

Tue, 9 May 2017 Source: Ananpansah B Abraham

Fellow citizens, so is this the change? Do the good people of our dear country really matter in this change? Is that the agenda for creating jobs? So is this really Kwame Nkrumah's Ghana? Can our politics ever be decent for once?

You took over the governance of this country barely some months ago. We all now look up to you to create the enabling environment for us to realize our immanent potentials and improve our lots. You chose ministers of state. (In fact, some people say they are 110 in number; which is unheard-of in the history of our country).

One of them is in charge of women, children, guarding and guiding our social legacy. All women and children look up to her. Society look up to her. The vulnerable by social convention seek her voice and intervention. Indeed, we all look up to her for leadership. We may wish to emulate her lifestyle and learn from her story. Another is a regional chairman of not less a party but a ruling one. What a feat? Who will not want to be there someday? These are role models.

Verily verily, we must learn from all these people .Because, they have achieved higher heights. They have scaled up the ladder of life with great success like light on a dark mountain.

Leaders as they are, they are supposed to show the way. They are supposed to be the salt and light of the world. Others must see their light and follow their good examples.

But what are we seeing? They are trading insults and trending. It’s who can heave bitter salvos the most on the other. The media is running helter-skelter after them to make the drama of epithet public...Meanwhile, you and I need just a pinch of that time to project issues affecting the venerable in society. We need the voice to help put body and soul together. But this is the Ghana for you. A rare noun, indeed. Leaders to lead.

If I'm about to blaspheme, may God forgive me for it's never willful. Jesus Christ, our Lord and personal saviour never did that. Today, many of us profess our faith in him. We want to walk his path. His life is an example .Prophet Mohammed never led that life. He is an example to my Muslim brothers and sisters, and "even. A. wife"...Kwame Nkrumah of blessed memory never did that. We remember him even in his death. We the young ones are inspired.

But what do we see in today's generation of misleaders: they are impeaching each other of taking goats, sheep, cows, fowls and maybe "Adonko bitters" for positions. "Chai". My Jumping Judas! One of my friends can tear that bitters a lot.

And these are the leaders. They are those we should look up to and learn from. "SMH". So are these the leaders to effect the change? Are they those to salvage the pathetic and unjustified situation of the vulnerable in society? If so, then.

At the same time, such people have a country to govern (develop).They have jobs to create. They have a duty to give us a reason to believe and a hope for the future. Can there ever be hope with such characters at the loftiest echelons of government?

I feel for the family of Mr. Adam Mahama of blessed memory. His wife I learn from the media is due for cross-examination on the death of the husband. Two people are also standing trial: one at large and another Gregory Afoko the brother of suspended Chairman of the NPP, Paul Afoko.

Meantime, the death of this gentleman is being politicise day-in-day out. I think one Bugri Naabu who chairs the NPP in the northern region can be of help to the court. He seem to know much about the murder of this able citizen of ours than the court can ever imagine.

We may still see the worse in the coming days as the drama unfolds. But before we reinforce ourselves towards those unknown days, let’s pray for the best days. And more importantly, query ourselves whether we are seeing governance or the infighting that heralded the party in government now prior to the 2016 election.

Just to satisfy my curiosity: Can there ever be sanity in our body politics? Are the elderly one's leading or misleading the way?

Maybe we may overcome someday. But until then, I’m off to catch some cold....

Still the village writer. (ananpansah-ab.blogspot.com).

May God bless.

By: Ananpansah B Abraham

(Village Writer/Blogger/Freelance Journalist/Teacher)


Columnist: Ananpansah B Abraham