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Will you continue to accuse me of anti-restaurant goer after watching this video?

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Sat, 8 Oct 2022 Source: Rockson Adofo

I have constantly been teased for not eating from outside from time to time but glued to eating home-prepared meals almost always.

When you declare your disinterest in eating from restaurants or outside, but your home-prepared food, you are accused of being uncivilized.

Ghanaian wives who have overly copied the white man’s culture will see their husbands who prefer home-cooked meals to eating from restaurants as someone who is glued to their African jungle ways of living. However, an African proverb has it that, “no one sells their hen out of impulse”, thus, there is always a good reason for the owner of a hen to dispose of it.

There are many reported confirmed instances where those selling cooked meals for public consumption in Ghana and in many other countries, especially, in Africa, have used unhygienic and eyesore methods in the preparation of such meals.

In Ghana, some women are alleged to have used, or continue to use, their collected menstrual blood to prepare food for commercial sales. Again, the environment from where some of the meals, and how they are, prepared, will leave a sour taste in your mouth or a nauseous lump in your throat, when seen.

Are not some of the formerly fake Ghanaian pastors and prophets now become truly “born again”, like Obotan, telling how some people use water collected from some of the nation’s mortuaries, thus, water used to wash dead bodies, to prepare food, oil, and water for sale to the public?

What is all this nonsense? What is the motive behind them? To make more money? Oh God, please help us as a nation and a people for we don’t know what we are doing.

If for the fact “once bitten, twice shy”, thus “an unpleasant experience induces caution” and I have decided to eat from home seeing and hearing all the evil that goes into preparing the outside cooked meals for public consumption, can I be accused of being an uncivilized person?

One highly-respected Ghanaian marriage counselor, Opanin Kwaa Kyere, is of the deplorable view that a husband who always eats from home but not once from outside is a villager.

I don’t subscribe to this warped view of his unless he has been taken out of context.

Better eat from home if you can. By that, you stand the greatest chance of avoidance of eating meals prepared with menstrual blood, water from dead bodies, and disgusting impurities from some women’s unwashed or dirty underwear as in the video below.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo