Mahama is insensitive

Sat, 18 Jan 2014 Source: Yawose, John

. He denies Kwahu-Fodoa fire victims attention.

1. A

schoolchild in Volta Region collapsed during rehearsals for the 2012 independence

anniversary celebration in Ho during late President Ata Mills’s era. Of course,

it was sad and it became a national issue. Mills ordered, and the STATE helped

and supported the family financially and materially in the burial ceremonies

including juicy compensation package. That is ok.

2. However,

during the 2012 nationwide Biometric Voters Registration exercise soon after

the tragic Ho incident, a young child walking his somewhere and with nothing to

do with BIOMETRICISM was innocently and by mistake gunned down unprovoked by an

NDC goons in Kokoben in Ashanti region in some unexplained circumstances

associated with the Biometricism. This was very sad.

3. President

Mills and his NDC as insensitive as ever, never extended the same concern

showed the family of the pupil who collapsed in Volta Region; to the family of

the Asante Kokoben child during the burial ceremonies. It never occurred to

President Mills to order state-support to the burial. The Kokoben family was

abandoned and forgotten. The Kokoben family was let alone to bury their dead

without compensation. Mills failed the test fully and completely.

4. Still in 2012, violence broke out between the

indigenes of Gbi and the Zongo community over the exhumation of the corpse of

Chief Iman of Hohoe-Zongo from the local cemetery and dumped at the outskirts

of Hohoe. This provoked communal violence and the palace of Togbe Gabusu, the Chief

of the Gbi Traditional Area was vandalized and destroyed in the unfortunate

wild circumstances by the angry youth involved. NADMO and other national bodies

were deeply involved in bringing relief to victims of the clashes. The

government promised to rebuild the palace of Togbe Gabusu. Reports are all over

the place to the effect that the Mahama/NDC has made do their promise and that

the reconstruction of the palace, which is to be financed by the taxpayer, has started.

It’s good that Mahama should display that degree of compassion and sensitivity

to bail out the people from such unfortunate force majeure.

5. The story continues. Against all this backdrop of happenings, I am

flabbergasted by the casual response of the NDC government to the last Tuesday’s

unfortunate happening at Kwahu –Fodua in the Eastern Region where there was a

gas explosion after a gas tanker veered off the main Accra-kumasi Highway and

run into a church building. Reports of the resulting damage are grim and

depressing. One observer has remarked he cannot fathom how such a degree of

damage and destruction can happen to fellow human beings. The story continues

that the accident happened in an area

dominated by Muslims, and that many houses were burnt down and the chief

Imam for the area allowed victims to pass the night in the mosque, while help

is sought from the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO. The story

continues that, in the interim, the MP noted that the two assemblies involved, together

with the MPs in the area put together few relief items such as mats, cups,

buckets, mosquito repellents, bowls, and other items to ameliorate the plight

of the victims. JoyNews’ Eastern Regional Correspondent, Kofi Siaw reported

that several houses have been razed to the ground leaving most of the people

homeless. Additionally, some affected people are putting up with friends,

whilst food crops were also not spared the ravages of the fire disaster.

6. Trust the insensitive NDC/Mahama when Ashanti/Eastern Regions are

involved. They don’t care. They don’t mind. This is one case of a national disaster

which should command urgent Presidential attention. The Eastern Regional

Minister even has not bothered to visit the area at the time of writing to console

victims to share in their grief. Relevant Ministers, Fire Service Hqs, National

Security and the authorities who matter are busy just drinking tea and

creating, looting and sharing taxpayers’ monies without any recourse to their

conscience leaving the poor victims in Kwahu- Fodoa to their fate in this tragic


7. It is obvious that the Mahama/NDC governments have been exposed as

consciously acting bigotish and discriminatory. They just enjoy seeing Eastern/Ashanti

Regions citizens suffer and die. I can’t imagine such a tragic episode should

happen in a town in Volta Region and the government would act so casual,

carefree and be so insensitive and deny the victims simple consolation and

care. What at all have the peoples of Eastern/Ashanti done to deserve this? The

neglect of Nsawam-Apedwa Road which is Ghana’s busiest road which attracts more

than 15,000 cars in a day is even criminal and an extension of NDC/Mahama diabolic

plans against Eastern/Ashanti regions.

8. The questions are; will the victims at Kwahu-Fodoa ever get proper

attention and help in their moments of anguish in this force majeure? Will the

government rebuild

their houses or they are not Togbe Gabasu so they will be so denied? Will the state

support the burial of the dead in Kwahu-Fodoa or they are not a ‘Ho pupil’ so

they will be denied? Mahama will have to work harder to remove his

administration’s anti-Ashanti/Eastern Regions perception which has gained

grounds. It is not good for national development. Eyes are watching!

John Yawose

Columnist: Yawose, John