With all the NDC unprecedented Gargantuan Corruption, they still...............

Sun, 26 Aug 2012 Source: Adofo, Rockson

For what at all do the NDC take Ghanaians? Upon all their vivid official corruption unprecedented in the history of Ghana, they are still portraying themselves as unblemished Saints. They are calling on Ghanaians to vote massively for them at the upcoming December 7, 2012 elections.

I cannot believe my eyes and ears when I see the NDC folks behaving as if they are the best brains in Ghana. They are actually brainless and without much "political and economic" grey matter in their skulls. Most of their leaders if not all, are engaged in amassing illegal wealth. Their quest to enrich themselves within their first term in office is disgusting. They are exploiting the lesser brains in the Ghanaian society to side with them. They have been able to woo some equally corrupt and other less informed people in Ghana to support their course of seeking a successful re-election in Ghana.

Is it not the Ministers and the NDC government appointees that are conniving with outside companies and individuals to dupe Ghana? Where then lays their patriotism to Mother Ghana? Are they not more interested in what they will obtain as individuals than what they will achieve for the collective interest of Ghanaians?

One thing I have learnt which I would like to share with fellow Ghanaians is the following: Successful people or nations always set higher targets. They always set periods within which, to achieve their targets. They always approach their aims with zeal and are always positive about achieving them. Before I proceed any further, let me mention a nice saying here. "If you aim at the Sun and you fall, you fall onto the Moon. But if you aim at the Moon and you fall, you fall onto the earth" This goes to buttress the contention that one must always aim higher to succeed in life.

From the above, how do the hollow-minds (NDC folks), see themselves about their destructive criticism of Nana "Obuggie" Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo who aspires to introduce free education from Kindergarten up to the Senior High School level in Ghana? As aimless and purposeless as the NDC are, they keep on making mockery of Nana's educational policy. They keep on saying, "He cannot do it. He has not wherewithal or the financial means to implement that policy" To the light-brained NDC folks in government with their bunch of inhibited supporters, the Blackman cannot, and should never aspire to, attain anything higher. How then should discerning Ghanaians waste their precious votes on such clueless beings?

They are only better for aiding and abetting crooks to rob Ghana through supposed judgment debt payments. Which of the NDC members in government is not guilty, of corruption of some sort, or of political or economic anaemia? Most of their rented newspapers, rented journalists, rented radio phone-in serial callers are as sinful as their paymasters whose sins are as red as crimson.

When I hear my fellow Ghanaians from the North with President Dramani Mahama criticising Nana's education policy, I begin to scratch my head saying, Oh no. I feel their attitude is a wonderment that defies logic, seeing that they have, and are still, enjoying free education from the Kindergarten level through to the University level since the days of the late ex-President Dr.Kwame Nkrumah. If my cocoa can provide them with free education, why cannot the cocoa farmer, my siblings, my family, my friends and I enjoy same free education?

Not long ago, then Vice President Dramani Mahama was teasing the cocoa producing citizens of Ghana of their inability to speak English. If your cocoa can offer him free education, offer him the chance to speak the English queen's language with fluency and allow him to look down upon you, why cannot you save yourself from needless ridicule? You can only do so by voting Nana Akuffo-Addo who will accord you the same level playing field.

I will ask President Dramani Mahama to familiarise himself with the following popular English saying. "Some people may learn English, speak English, dress and eat like the English. But still Englishness belongs to the English people" Does he also belong to that clique of Ghanaians who believe, "English is the criterion of a man's great learning?"

My fellow Ghanaians, as sensible as most of you are, please do analyse my message to you today and vote wisely on December 7, 2012. Vote Nana Akuffo-Addo and the NPP if and only if, you would not like opportunists, thieves, liars and avid crooks to continue to take you for fools. Do I make sense to you, my fellow noble Ghanaians?

Sources radio UK, FM 96.30, please over to you Joe Lartey. My greetings to Mr. Joe Arthur of the "Osono Kukrudu" London-based family.?

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson