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With lying, Bawumia jeopardizes his chances of winning the presidency

84632853 Vice President of Ghana, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia

Fri, 30 Dec 2022 Source: Joel Savage

Bawumia wants to be president and believes he must improve the NPP's reputation since that is what he stands for. However, to avoid being accused of hypocrisy or a traitor, the vice president is making claims about things that his party has never accomplished. That, in my judgment, is the worst course of action that a wise politician in Ghana who wants to be considered for the presidency would take.

Although I'm trying to be careful with my words, I find that the bulk of NPP politicians doesn't seem to be very intelligent at all. If they are, the nation would have advanced, since the era of Mahama that they criticize is a hundred percent better than this disaster they have brought upon Ghanaians.

More importantly, Ken Agyapong has expressed the same opinion that the NPP leaders lacked brains, and I keep mentioning this whenever it is required.

Instead of trying to persuade Ghanaians that the NPP government has accomplished this, that, or has generated more jobs for the country than any other Ghanaian government, Bawumia should concentrate on what he has achieved for Ghana because the NPP government is an abject failure, and, therefore, makes no sense for him to try to convince Ghanaians the party has done what never exists.

Bawumia who wants to be a president is having a difficult time since many people think he is a fake economist and because 99% of what he says is untrue. (That's my opinion). Any wise politician will use a practical and strategic approach to create a cordial relationship with those who don't trust him at that point.

Unfortunately, he is supporting a fraudulent administration that has been responsible for numerous disasters and a severe financial crisis.

The majority of Ghanaians, not just me, seem to agree that Akufo Addo and his NPP administration are the worst in the country's political history. What will Bawumia accomplish as president if he finds it difficult to acknowledge that the NPP government is ineffective while attempting to portray the destruction the NPP has wrought as a success? A politician like Bawumia, who labels failure as success, will worsen Ghana's precarious situation.

Let's look at it from a different perspective. There is nothing wrong with Bawumia boosting the reputation of his party in light of recent events. However, as a knowledgeable person, why don't you strive to remind Ghanaians of what the NPP government has accomplished by listing all the projects and jobs the government has created? Bawumia has previously attempted to persuade Ghanaians that the NPP has produced jobs, but he consistently "forgets" to inform Ghanaians of those jobs created.

I am sorry to inform Ghanaians that Bawumia is one of the many Ghanaians who lack the qualifications to serve as a politician, let alone as president. Many people in Ghana appear to think that anything that glitters is gold due to the struggles there, but I don't think of it that way.

I am aware of what a good government looks like, and I can easily locate one. If incompetence has been attributed to the failure of the master, what can the apprentice do?

If Bawumia keeps on fabricating things the NPP government has done without providing any examples, it says a lot about the kind of leader he is and what the nation might become under his presidency. He won't even be, in my opinion, because Ghanaians already know that in addition to his lies, he has a sweet-talking tongue that has led the people of Ghana to fall prey to an extremely inept regime.

Ghana has reached a stage where the country is bankrupt, but because the party in power is vying for control, Bawumia is now fighting for the party's survival rather than the survival of the poor people, refusing to accept the party's failure and the hardship that has befallen the poor people. Bawumia, who is also crooked and dishonest, will be the worst Ghanaian leader after Akufo Addo.

I recognize that the current catastrophe in Ghana is difficult for Bawumia, and I understand that he must work to improve the party's reputation to avoid being branded a traitor. However, if he continues to lie and fabricate what the NPP government hasn't achieved, he will end up like other NPP politicians, such as Hopeson Adorye, who has earned the moniker the "disgraceful servant."

Columnist: Joel Savage