“Wo aye Hot. Me nso Maye Hot, Hot, Hot! “- Kumawu

Thu, 28 Nov 2013 Source: Adofo, Rockson

The title is by courtesy of Senior Eddie Donkor, once a renowned Ghanaian musician in the 1960s/70s. He made a very electrifying song in those days titled, “Ma ye Hot”.

I was actually going to entitle today’s publication as, “Are Kumawu people that cheap to be induced by Cassock and hat Freebies?” However, when I woke up from my sound night sleep, lying in bed and stretching the body, a strong obliging feeling descended heavily upon me urging me to rather name it as, “Wo aye Hot. Me nso Maye Hot, Hot, Hot!” The feeling reminded me of the lyrics of that song which ongoing events in Kumawu since the last few days reminisce.

As the chieftaincy disputation has somehow been resolved and the gear of the vehicle placed in the fifth (5th) position, speeding towards the “Sugar candy mountain”, each of the eight royal contestants wishes to be the passenger aboard.

One of the contestants feels Kumawu people are still that stupid to be easily wooed over by distributing among them free cassocks (fuugu) and hats. I laughed when I phoned to Kumawu to discuss some personal issues with a former schoolmate when he broke the ongoing news to me.

I then asked, are you that stupid to be easily influenced by such freebies only to suffer long term difficulties afterwards? You guys had better learn a lesson from how politicians buy you over with free machetes, hoes, half-piece low cost cloths, boxes of matches, GHC50 notes etc. during elections only to leave you to suffer once they win elections.

Until when are my people going to wise up? Ask whoever is distributing the mentioned items with intent to winning cheap public support to shove them up his arse. Kumawu people, please think about the long term solutions to your problems of lack of essential basic developments that you have had to struggle with since ages. It is better to have a visionary leader who will solve such problems for you than taking mere cassocks and hats that will last you only a few years but without bringing you any correspondingly succour and solace.

The whole scenario becomes very suspicious when it is being spearheaded by a colluding knowingly “ampebre” (lazy) burger. Instead of him educating the citizens against receipts of such comparatively valueless items, he is rather assisting a contesting royal to induce the support of the inhabitants through distribution of free “fuugu” and “ekye”.This is not right. I shall speak against it.

I will stop here until later. However, a word to the wise is enough. This is what I leave with Kumawu people today to cogitate about my views as expressed.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson