World Cup victory: A certification of Messi’s GOATness

Messi Vows To Continue With Argentina After Winning 2022 FIFA World Cup Argentina legend Lionel Messi

Wed, 21 Dec 2022 Source: Abdul-Razak Lukman

The world came to a standstill last night, December 18, 2022, when the debate of who is factually the Greatest of All Time came to a conclusion after the seven Ballon D'or winner, Lionel Messi, led Argentina to win the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Messi’s greatness is not just for his numerous trophies but the mathematical calculations and the algorithms he employed on the pitch are what make him stand out from all players of his generation.

The world owes Lionel Messi a lot of respect for his gifted display on the field. He is one player that both the aged and youth could watch without getting tired. However, the only challenge he had which was ticked last night in Qatar is to win a World Cup for his country. So what is more again than to unanimously approve him as the greatest men’s player of all time? Or is it that he must win rugby before critics wholeheartedly accept him as the undisputed GOAT?

The debate about Messi’s greatness has been compared to Pele who won three World Cups for the Brazilian national team and no doubt, the greatest feat to have achieved. He happened to be the only footballer to have won such an achievement for his country. The question is, does that negate Messi’s field prowess? Absolutely no.

The fact is, the 1958, 62 and 70 football cannot, wholly, be compared to today’s technological football. And again, the active participation of VAR and many other modern technological introductions geared towards regulating good play and player safety was non-existent in Pele’s time. More so, Messi has participated in more competitive tournaments and an incredible pressure than ever in football history. So what is more in stock that is not done by Messi?

Messi is the man who magically pushed FC Barcelona to four Champions leagues, 10 Spanish titles, and fantastically winning Copa America last year. Messi is gifted with his simple passes, simple touches, and simple controls which makes him unique among his peers.

It is obvious that Messi has proven beyond reasonable that he has the veins to win out of Barcelona's comfort zone after his victory with Paris Saint-Germain last season. That alone has shut his critics to the bream.

Therefore, Lionel Messi is the world’s certified and minted GOAT by all recognized football institutions in the world. You may have an opinion but facts are facts.

Columnist: Abdul-Razak Lukman