Would Mills go ahead and exterminate the ‘cockroaches

Tue, 9 Aug 2011 Source: Badu, K.

Would President Mills go ahead and exterminate the ‘cockroaches in our midst?

The caption may sound somehow euphemistic, albeit it encapsulates the seriousness of the problem confronting the nation, its denizens, citizens and investors. Armed robbers (cockroaches) should not have a place in the society; they are parasites, dirty and extremely dangerous. Why should we entertain dangerous creatures that can kill and maim us? Even when they have killed and maimed, we send them to prisons and feed them, needless to say, some law abiding citizens go hungry and we feed cockroaches? It is wrong to feed these cockroaches, they come back and terrorize the law abiding Ghanaians. To put it bluntly, Mr. President, please reinforce our security forces to annihilate these parasitic animals! Of course, the security forces are doing their utmost best; it is worthwhile to augment the resources, so that they will be in an auspicious position to excoriate the threats of armed robbers.

To put it metaphorically, invasion of cockroaches on our land is tantamount to war. Thus, our security forces must be given all the necessary help and support they require to combat these enemies of the nation. Let me again put it this way: How many of us would refuse to wipe out cockroaches in our living rooms? Of course, individuals might not be in a position to do so, due to factors such as lack of pesticides, Needless to say, in our case, we (Ghanaians) can assemble the resources and work synergistically to exterminate those boisterous and homicidal brats.

We must not and cannot look on nonchalantly and give in to potential nation wreckers-armed robbers. I will urge all Ghanaians to endeavour to collaborate with the security forces to ‘fish out’ the dissolute criminals in our midst. I bet some citizens are harbouring these mountebanks-armed robbers due to multifaceted reasons. Whatever the reasons may be, it is inconsequential for a bona fide Ghanaian to shield an armed robber. Of course, whistle blowing is volitional, albeit, betraying these potential nation wreckers will go a long way to brighten a corner!

To the executive and the legislative: Promulgate laws to protect the law abiding citizens. We cannot sit idly and allow these brats to win the battle; reinforce the capital punishment in armed robbery cases. We should not be sending them to prisons and feed them, only for them to come out and terrorise us more. Let them swallow their own bitter pills! Please do not give in to Amnesty International, because they do not taste the insipid pills being given to us by the armed robbers. Exterminate them! I will again suggest that any enactment should make it unlawful for anyone to knowingly shield an armed robber; the comeuppance for such act should be extreme-I will propound at least five years jail sentence.

In default of appropriate measures to circumscribe the flagitious praxes of armed robbers, it will go down as ignoble on the part of the executive and the legislative. Caveat: You are obliged to protect the citizens, denizens and potential investors, so, act now! The question is: What happens if we fail to wipe out cockroaches in our homes? As simple as ‘A B C’; they will multiply in their numbers!

K. Badu, UK.

Columnist: Badu, K.