Would NPP Vote NPP?

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Wed, 15 Oct 2014 Source: Badu, K.

On Saturday 18 October 2014, the Delegates of NPP would go to the polls to elect a Flag-bearer they so wish to lead the party in the 2016 general election. Even though the contest is a family affair, it has hotted up. But all things being equal, the keenly contesting Flag-bearer position is hot on the trail. Indeed, all indications point to a successful conclusion of the contest.

In any case, given the unpalatable bickering associated with most political contests, I would like to go with the contending schools of thought that insist the processes of internal party elections should be reviewed. For instance, a school of thought argues that the election of a party Flag-bearer should rather follow the same pattern as job selection.

The sceptics of internal party elections stress on the need for the aspiring Flag-bearers to fill job application forms. A selection panel would then shortlist and interview the candidates whose application forms meet the job criteria. Following the interviews, the panel may shortlist about five candidates, who would subsequently undertake cognitive and competencies test. The panel may then select two or three competent candidates who would have the opportunity prior to the election to convey their manifesto messages to the delegates in a national congress.

All things being equal, this form of selection would end the gratuitous public wrangling associated with the electioneering campaigns. As a matter of fact, persistent squabbling has the potential to destabilise the prevailing ambiance in the party. So why allow a few individuals to upset the team dynamics? I for one, share the sentiments of the reformists.

Yes, it is right to have a team leader. It is also normal for individuals to nominate themselves for the position, but it is somehow ignoble for the contestants, who share the same ideals of the team to indulge in smear campaign. Given that only one contestant will clasp the crown eventually, how would the electioneering mudslinging aid the team building following the election?

Ironically, solicitation of votes has given way to boundlessly nonsensical attacks on personalities. Now and then, we hear disparaging remarks from the supporters of the opposing camps towards one another. It should never get to this seemingly ugly stage.

We should not lose sight of the fact that the same contestant you are joyfully denigrating today would be your Flag-bearer tomorrow. How would you then repair the self-inflicted damage caused? Party faithful, reflect and think before acting, else you will bring down the same party you claim you hold in high esteem.

Hopefully, you lots would not imitate David Miliband, who turned his back to politics after losing the Labour Party’s leadership position to his brother Ed Miliband. Given that David Miliband had ardent supporters, can we infer that he inadvertently retired some Labour Party supporters?

The million dollar question to NPP faithful then is: If you’re preferred candidate fell short, would you go ahead and vote the eventual winner in the general election?

K. Badu, UK.

Columnist: Badu, K.