Woyome Fast Track Court is wasting time.

Mon, 4 Aug 2014 Source: Yawose, John

I am referring to Martin Amidu civil case he won against Woyome at the Supreme Court which ruled that Woyome claim was in contravention of stipulations in the constitution. Some people are confused that the basis of the SC order to Woyome to refund the $51.2 he procured was just because of procedural impropriety of not getting parliament to approve of the contract and NOT because there was no contract.

The fact is that there was a procurement process to award a contract to one of the bidders and Waterville, with which Woyome had links, was one of them --and the process was abrogated midstream. The end-product should have been a contract which never was. The Supreme Court is simply saying the Woyome payment was illegal since there was no contract for parliament to examine to approve.

Clearly, the documents Woyome has been using to dance Azonto and Agbadza in court are comfort letters and introduction letters and alleged documented pronouncements and scribbles from Ministers and government officials. Listen to Woyome in court over the years:-

- Osafo Marfo said this.

- Osafo Maafo wrote to cabinet that

- Kufuor told me that

- Agyemang Manu wrote a letter of introduction to Austrian bank that

- The Austrian bank wrote to Waterville

- Mills said this.

- Mills approved of the payment

- blah, blah, blah

These fliers, correspondences, leaflets were cleverly packaged by Woyome to produce a fat document--just to intimidate the media and the public that they constituted a contract. They don’t and can’t constitute a contract. And that was what the Supreme Court referred to as PURPORTED CONTRACT.

WOYOME can confuse gullible NDC buffoons with such balderdash. Woyome can’t confuse even me with those documents – how much more the SC and the fast track court led by legal luminaries. What is happening at the fast track court which is dealing with the fraud or criminal aspect of the case is however, amazing. It is a gross time-waster and a monkee joke with Ghana’s destiny. It’s just an NDC desperate drama being staged to confuse and bamboozle the citizenry that, disgraced John Mahama is fighting crime. Any British court will dismiss Woyome and convict him of the fraud charges in 2 or 3 hearings or sittings.

John Yawose

Columnist: Yawose, John