Opinions Mon, 23 Jan 2012

Woyome Saga

Jacob Osei Yeboah (aka JOY2012)

Qu. JOY2012 What do you make of how the Prez Mills led NDC government is handling the Woyome judgement debt saga, especially whilst the AG is at a court for a fresh case, Prez Mills seems rather not to have an issue with Woyome but those whose acts perpetuated the filing of the case by woyome against the government.

Is the President against his AG? or the NDC government has not recovered from its dizziness by the dazzling blow of revelation of how tax payers money is being used by the government? I am highly disappointed and awfully bastardized about the relevance of our education with regards to legalities and common sense. It is a nib in the bud of competence and professionalism by the NDC government and its cronies.

Qu. Do you think there might have been some indiscretion on the part of the government to pay for the judgement debt in full with such a short time. Absolutely, gloss and gross indiscretion. Not only the short period of full payment but also the legal and common sense rational that informed and justified the wilful payment to the person of Alfred Woyome. As a businessman, I was first to defend Woyome based on the initial submission by his brother the MP’s assertion on Adom FM But I was wrong. This explains why former prez Rawlings intimated that his own party members are greedy bastards. Integrity is the total sum of everything about Prez Mills and the NDC government.

Qu. So you regret for having defended Woyome because you feel he is not an honest character or what?

Woyome is a wicked gladiator against Ghana’s tax payers’ money. So far I’ve not had any legal or common sense argument why Alfred Woyome should have the effrontery to chase and cash in this colossal amount. Even legally, the owner of a limited liability company and the company itself are different entities. The colossal amount involved is not the main point of this Woyome saga. What is important is whether there was a justification for payment of even GHC100, 000. Qu. Do you think Prez Mills might have a hand in this case as alleged by minority in parliament?

This is an awful paradoxical position for Prez Mills. On one hand, If he comes out to say that he has a hand in the pay-off, he the president is dead on the altar of impeachment and all the propaganda about his integrity and peaceful nature will be whisked as a smoke. On the other hand, if he claims he did not see nor was he informed, then the opposition will have an array of political punches to give the president and the government this year. I think the Prez might have assumed the latter among the two evils by admitting during his recent interaction with editors in the castle that if a court of competent jurisdiction has given a verdict he the prez does not even need to be informed about the payment and that the Finance Minister can go ahead and do the payment. Mills Boom Boom!!

Qu. Do you think EOCO findings as directed by the Prez the right thing to do? I do not wholly agree with the Prez because of his integrity especially if he the Prez indeed radiates integrity as being preached by the NDC and he wants to inspire trust in the public. Medical doctors are professionally and advisedly not allowed to look after their own very closed relations, especially spouses and kids. Prez Mills directives to EOCO in this case is in awful bad taste and turn to bring either his true personality or clouded and forced personality on him by his cronies. Legally, morally and common sense wise, the prez should listen to set up a commission of enquiry if the Prez wants the public to learn something about it. To me JOY2012, the truth is out and what sort of investigation and enquiry does the Prez wants EOCO to unravel? Assuming, the NPP government made a mistake, should a pesewa be paid to the person of Woyome?

Qu. Who do you think should be punished? All persons who have been parties to approving and condoning the payment of this GHC 92M, especially the AG.

Qu. What sort of counsel can you give to Prez Mills or assuming you were the Prez at the centre of such a judgement debt?

The truth alone can set the Prez Mills free and can give life and relevance to the NDC government. The lieu way for him as a Prof. of law, is to assumed unawareness of the payment so that the consequences of accountability will be meted on Woyome and his cronies so that the NDC can strategise on damage control.

Let me state that if Prez Mills’ intention is to use EOCO to cover up as alleged by some section of Ghanaians, he Prez Mills might end up being impeached in the process. He must be aware the eyes of July, the anger and power to the people determinism should not be under rated. This Woyome saga is to reveal to the younger generation of how PEN dictates and destroys future generations’ destiny. The same historical antecedents announced “JJ Rawlings” and brought June 4 Revolution in 1979 which every discerning and responsible politicians must consciously avoid.

We’ve not learnt our lessons from history to do the needful to ensure that we do not give the chance for unpleasant history to repeat itself. A service person who even got a loan of current GHC50 was given a firing squad. The Ghana Bar Association (GBA) shocks me most about their official silence on this issue. We want to see the significance of the GBA especially in an era of democracy and their relevance in giving out their professional opinion. Is GBA acting professionally or afraid of their shadow of justice denial to Ghanaians? What is the relevance of June 30 celebrations if the AG and the lawyers of Woyome can falsely twist the legal principle to make such a payment? Can we say that Dr. Raymond Atuguba and co are being vindicated, for allegedly branding the judiciary as endemically corrupt?

Qu. Have you had any dealings with Woyome before? Do you know Woyome?

I've never met Woyome before and I do not need to know him to make a comment based on principle and available information about the issue. He might have been an angel in all his other dealings but on this judgement debt payment, I am afraid Woyome has goofed horribly and greedily with his cronies in the government.

$3bn Loan

Qu. What’s your thought on the Chinese $3bn loan to the NDC government as the central pivot for Ghana’s infrastructural development for this year, 2012? I’ve indicated as far back as in September 2010, that I am not impressed and I am afraid it might end up like the STX Korea deal. The God given natural and mineral resources to Ghana, lack leadership treats that can transform them for the benefit of Ghanaians. Let’s ask ourselves, if the loan is not made available, does it mean Ghana cannot develop? The government should think outside the box for JOY2012 has already given solutions.

What is happening is NOT a new Scenario to Natural Resource rich nations in Africa. If Ghana treads the path of Nigeria's Oil money management, Ghana and the future generation will pay dearly. If all these borrowing could be used to positively impact on our GDP then we have the key to development. Normally, natural resource rich governments in Africa use such loans to quell down dissenting voices and groups. This leads to massive corruption in the country which in turn leads to high social vices and injustices.

Qu. How successful do you think the NDC government will be in securing the loan, especially coming to think of STX housing deal?

The success of the loan for this year is about 30%. This year’s 2012 general elections outlook is a key determinant for any prudent nation to give loan to Ghana. The intelligence information available to the investor community, especially, Centre for strategic Information System (CSIS ) July 2011, report indicated election 2012 can destabilize the country.

The experience of the STX deal should informed the government that, with international loans, if even it uses the “tyranny of the majority” concept to get loan passed by parliament and uses all Ghana security forces to protect the MPs, it can still fail. The prudent direction is a deep introspection of good analytical returns on investment to Ghanaians.

Columnist: Yeboah, Jacob Osei