Woyome still dancing Azonto in court?

Sat, 28 Jun 2014 Source: Yawose, John

1. Woyome ended his evidence-in-chief in his GH¢51.2 million criminal case, which started in 2011, in Accra yesterday, 26th June 2014---still saying the same emotional things he has said all these years.

2. Led by his counsel, Woyome said he was entitled to claims he made against the government in 2010.

3. Woyome said he worked, spent money and it was confirmed by the government, including the Presidency, and for that reason he was entitled to the claim.

4. They are aware I worked and spent money for a period of four years.”

5. Woyome tendered in evidence, letter written by the MOF to the AG dated 25/03/2010 explaining and endorsing the 2% claim for the financial engineering

6. Woyome tendered in Agyemang Manu, ex-Deputy Finance Minister Letter of Introduction to Bank Austria/ Exim Bank that they should assist Woyome/Vamed to conclude the loan deal and a term sheet and present to MOF FOR CONSIDERATION. He said it was done and the agreement was brought to Ghana and was given concurrent approval by the Central Tender Review Board.

7. Woyome tendered in Hon Ebo Barton–Oduro Dep AG’s letter to the late President Atta Mills that Woyome consortium was mandated by the GOG to source for funding for twelve youth centres, hospitals, etc and that Woyome's claim was based on the Consortium's financial proposal which would have brought in funding for projects totaling €1,106,470,587.00.

8. Woyome is clearly doing sentimental, emotional and syrupy arguments to confuse the court and the public. Woyome has not made any progress

9. Tell Woyome that, Agyeman Manu's letter of introduction was a not contract.

10. Tell Woyome that, his agreement with Eximbank/Austrian Bank was not a FAIT ACCOMPLI and that it was for MOF CONSIDERATION, as Manu’s letter indicated—and therefore could be rejected.

11. Tell Woyome that, concurrent approval by the Central Tender Review Board is part of the process and still not the final CONTRACT DOCUMENT

12. Tell Woyome that before final contract documents are concluded and signed in tendering, the tendering process can be aborted at anytime by the Client/Employer who has the reserved right to do that or whether instructed by the Minister of President or any authority of the Employer. Mentioning President Kufuor as having ordered the termination is neither here nor there. It is just aimed at courting public sympathies in the political atmospheres. That information is irrelevant legally, whether true or false.

13. Tell Woyome that AG’s letter to President Mills to justify the payment was just information not supported by any Contract document attachment and therefore baseless. That info is also irrelevant.

14. Similarly, the letter from MOF to AG endorsing the payments is irrelevant.

15. Tell Woyome all his pre-claim letters are Comfort letters which could be part of Contract documents but not sufficient to constitute a valid CONTRACT DOCUMENT for such a huge transaction.

16. Tell Woyome that all his post-claim letters to and from MOF, AG, Presidency are not Contract documents and similarly irrelevant.

17. Contract documents for even small contracts spell out conditions clearly---, the precise scope of works, the contract price, banks to receive the monies, exact delivery timelines, mode of payment, default clauses, Client's/Employer's verification letter, signatures of the client/Employer and the contractor etc and copies of such Contract Documents are deposited at MOF, Accountant Generals Office etc—how much more for the Woyome ‘contract’ worth huge millions of cedis.

18. Why did Woyome not claim between 2005-2009? That’s very significant.

19. It can never be accepted that the Woyome emotional letters are contractual and therefore can ever form acceptable contract documents which should form a bases for such huge claim.

20. Woyome is still dancing Azonto with emotional arguments. Woyome has gambled. Woyome should be rejected.-------my verdict .

Columnist: Yawose, John