Yajzi Arrives in Ghana to Expose Kufuor & NPP

Thu, 19 Aug 2010 Source: Adofo, Rockson

Gizelle Yajzi Arrives in Ghana to Expose Former President Kufuor & NPP

Once again, a horrible looking nocturnal and diurnal Medusa-like phantom has emerged

from the American cemetery to haunt Former President Kufuor to the giggle of the

NDC. The alluded apparition is one Ms. Gizelle Yajzi, a supposed dumped lovebird.

The heartbreak this woman has suffered since she was shown the exit by Mr. Kufuor is

nowhere near abating but rather aggravating. The gravity of the pain has

short-circuited her brains. She has subsequently become a maniac, a media cynosure

of course, just in the hope of soothing her broken-heart. This lady, a "supposed"

Former President Kufuor's secret lover with whom he is alleged to have twin-sons has

once more vowed to exact a pound of Former President Kufuor's flesh.

I am left scratching my head, fumbling for reasons behind this lady's resolute

determination to deal Mr. Kufuor a deadly blow he would never forget. Before I

proceed any further to prove how a fabulist and prankster she is, I may pause to ask

her a few pertinent questions. 1) What are her motives behind her pursuit of Mr.

Kufuor in the media? 2) Assuming Mr. Kufuor is not fulfilling his parental

obligations towards the upkeep of the "supposed" mystery twins, is the media the

befitting domain to seek redress? 3) Who are those goading her on to tarnish the

reputation of Mr. Kufuor? 4) If it's all about obliging Kufuor to care for the

supposed children, paying child maintenance support, could she not institute legal

action against him via the law courts in Ghana somehow? 5) What does she stand to

gain from being such a maniac with intent to harm? 6) What in the first place

motivated her to sleep with Kufuor, if indeed she did sleep with him, and what in


end has brought about the apparent animosity between them? 7) Did she offer Former

President Kufuor sex in the hope of influencing him to allow her dupe Ghana same as

Lady Cotton of the USA defrauded Ghana to the tune of $20 Million during Former

President Rawlings' NDC rule?

To continue with my analytical story to prove the absurdity of the jubilant NDC, may

I ask why Gizelle is requiring security assurances from the NDC government for

herself and children prior to proceeding to Ghana to prove her allegations against

Mr. Kufuor? What are her allegations against Former President Kufuor, one may ask?

She alleges that Kufuor has twin-sons by her. She further alleges that Kufuor

himself, but not his son Chief Kufuor, purchased the once infamous "Hotel Kufuor".

She goes on to say that she possesses incriminatory evidential documentation on the

improprieties by President Kufuor.

The fact that Kufuor has twin children by her, out of wedlock, in what amounts to

extra-marital affairs is absolutely irrelevant to any discerning Ghanaian. Bigamy,

by the tenets of our Ghanaian culture is not a sin; neither is an extra-marital

affair politically suicidal or unknown to Ghanaians. On the issue of her sexual

friendship or relationship to Mr. Kufuor, it must be noted that it is their private

affair and that it must be treated as such. If she is shameless enough to bring it

to the public domain for public consumption in an attempt to seek public sympathy,

then I am afraid she will be disappointed.

She is simply a con woman. It is only on Ghanaians that she can play her tricks or

pranks due to our dirty politicking. Kufuor's son is said to have raised loans,

sought business partnership, to purchase a hotel in Accra at $3 Million. This woman

is claiming that it was impossible for son-Kufuor to purchase the hotel and that it

was father-Kufuor himself who purchased the hotel in the son's name. Her argument is

simply that the son could by no means have raised that amount to buy the hotel. As

long as the money was not said to have been stolen but borrowed from the banks, what

is the sense in her bitter complaint? If Former President Kufuor had unduly

influenced the granting of the loan, with the provision of documents to be tendered

in evidence as the lady alleges, then Mr. Kufuor can be accused of corruption.

If really the woman has any credible story or allegation to make against his

supposed libidinal former partner, Mr. Kufuor, she had better threaten to sell her

story to one of the media houses abroad in the event of Kufuor still shoving her

away like a nuisance disease-carrying housefly. I think that can be more an

effective weapon to wield against him rather than her dubious silly radio interviews

being granted from her lair to wind up the psychotic NDC.

The Security advisor to the President, Rtd General Nunoo-Mensah, has asserted his

overwhelming joy at the request by Gizelle Yajzi to be provided security while in

Ghana. This sadistic General says he is ready to move the entire Ghana security

apparatus to ensure the safety and security of the demented lady. I know the

General, despite his overwhelming desire to see Kufuor proven guilty of corruption,

was simply being sarcastic about Gizelle's request. Is she coming with the said sons

to prove her infidelity with Kufuor hence requesting protection for the sons? What

have the sons to do with the corruption charges to proffer against Kufuor? It is

only in America that sexual immorality can cost one their political ambition. If

such issue had any relevance in Ghana politics, then President Evans Atta Mills

would never have become the President of Ghana. Why? Go and ask him.

This woman is a distracter who must be seen as such. She is giving the NDC a

reprieve from the public ridicule for which they have been subjected to resultant of

their incompetence. Even if it does turn out that Kufuor has children by her, how

can it reverse the impending misfortunes of the NDC at elections 2012? The people of

Ghana are more concerned about securing jobs to better their living conditions of

life than the noises being made by a faceless harlot hiding in America. The NDC in

the perpetration and perpetuation of their political falsehoods and also trying to

mask their incompetence are solidly behind the buffoonery by Gizelle.

The NDC can set up a Commission as usual to probe Kufuor whereby Gizelle can be used

as a principal witness. That is the best way to go about it rather than inviting

this faceless nonentity to Ghana without knowing what to do with her after her

arrival unless she is coming to sue Kufuor for reneging on the payment of child

support to her. Should Ghana foot her private law suit intended to get her supposed

former boyfriend, Mr. Kufuor to live up to her expectation? Let the NDC continue to

wallow in their dirty propaganda. They will live to regret it. They will be left to

lick their wounds as does the dog. But will this be that fatal proverbial wound that

catches the dog on the head. Can he lick that wound?

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson