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Yaw-Vinci Code

Is the mark of the beast (666) on President Obama’s Cadillac?


On Friday, July 10 2009, the entire nation Ghana was expecting the visit of Barack Obama the first African-American President of the United States of America. As anticipated, Air Force One touched down at Kotoka International Airport (KIA) at approximately 21:15hrs.

As a Military Technology Hobbyist, I was invited to the studios of TV3 (a Ghanaian TV station) during the mid-day news for a live interview. The interview was on Air Force One, some die cast models of the F-117 Nighthawk and the MH-53J Pave Low helicopters I took to the studio.

After the mid-day news, I received a phone call from Joy fm (a Ghanaian radio station). Someone there had watched the interview on TV3 and was impressed. Joy fm then arranged to interview me (about Air Force One etc) on their News Night program at about 18:15hrs. It was also a live interview. After the interview on the News Night program, I went back to TV3 for another live interview. That live interview was conducted while Air Force One was taxying at KIA.

From the live feed in the studios of TV3, I caught a glimpse of the presidential limousine of the President of the United States of America (POTUS). Immediately, I informed the anchor that the limousine the United States Secret Service (USSS) brought to Ghana was not the popular and long awaited ‘Beast’, the limousine made for President Barack Obama (Renegade). The limousine we all saw on the screen was the one Ex-president George W. Bush (Tumbler) used during his tenure as President of the United States. I then suggested that it would be appropriate to refer to the limousine as Cadillac One instead of the Beast. However, due to some technical difficulties, we were not able to communicate this suggestion to the reporter on the ground.


My suggestion was instinctive/intuitive so when I got home after the second interview on TV3, I decided to do further research to convince myself that the Beast was never in Ghana. During my research I compared photos of the limousine Tumbler used and that of the Beast. It soon became apparent that my intuition/instincts were right. The tyres on Tumbler’s limousine were visibly different from that of the Beast. It had a white ring on the face of the tyres. The Beast did not have that. Meanwhile the limousine that the USSS brought to Ghana had this distinctive white ring on the face of its tyres. (see images).

The aesthetics of Tumbler’s limousine was discrete compared to that of the Beast particularly the silver “bling” on the side mirrors and around the side windows of the Beast. The aesthetics of Tumbler’s limousine matched the one the USSS brought to Ghana on that day.

Finally, I analyzed the obverse sections of Tumbler’s limousine and the Beast and it was there that I uncovered what I call the Yaw-Vinci Code. The obverse of Tumbler’s limousine matched that of the limousine the USSS brought to Ghana and it was quite different from that of the Beast.

My conclusion was that contrary to what was reported by some media houses, the Beast was never in Ghana.


Renegade’s limousine is said to have acquired its nickname the Beast because of its heavy armour and advanced technology. It is said to be equipped with run-flat tyres and tyres made of Kevlar material. We are also told it can withstand the shockwave of a nuclear blast. In addition, it has its own oxygen supply system and many more.

However, the following questions baffle me:

1. How come it was not nicknamed the TERMINATOR or PREDATOR or ATAKAPA?

2. Who designed the Beast?

3. What are the backgrounds of the designers?

4. What did they have in mind when they were designing?

5. At what point in time did they decide to design a new limousine for POTUS?

6. Was the obverse design of the Beast a mere coincidence or deliberate?

7. Should General Motors (the manufacturer of the Beast) not be ordered to redesign the obverse of the Beast?

8. Shouldn’t its nickname be changed from the “Beast” to “Yaw”?

In the Biblical sphere, we all know or have read about the beast from the Book of Revelation in the New Testament of the Holy Bible. There are two types of beasts recounted from Revelation chapter 13 onwards. I will limit myself to the second beast which emerges out of the earth since it is the most controversial. The number of the second beast is described in Revelation 13:17-18 which the King James Version translates as:

“And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred threescore and six”. (666)

It is to be noted that a “score” is the ancient way of referring to the number twenty. The “threescore (3x20)” mentioned in the Book of Revelation is the archaic way of saying/writing ‘sixty’. For the sake of the Yaw-Vinci Code however, I will ascribe another meaning to “threescore” meaning: anything of three levels/floors/stages/layers.

Perhaps it is helpful to state at this juncture that I do not subscribe to the concept of the beast as summarized supra. Rather, I associate myself with various theologians and scholars who are of the view that the number 666 is a code for the Roman Emperor Nero who was persecuting the Jews at the time when John documented the apocalypse.


I have read quite a lot of articles by various writers associating Renegade with the second beast from the Book of Revelation; the anti-Christ. I must say that I am not in the least bit swayed by any of these articles or writers. I am of the view that Renegade is a great leader. He is also my role model. He has inspired generations x, y and z in times when the baby boomers have failed us. We are grateful.



Yaw-Vinci Code is a coinage. It is a combination of my name and that of the concept of the Da Vinci Code. I coined it to describe my decoded of the mark of the beast on Renegade’s Beast.

In the Book of Revelation, we are told that the mark of the beast would be on the hand or the forehead.

Well, we know that the forehead means the foremost part of the head.

If we look at any vehicle, the head is the front part where we have what is commonly referred to as the head-lamps. For this reason one can safely conclude that the forehead of the Beast is the front part including the grille and front bumper/front fender.

A thorough examination of the grille and front bumper/front fender of the Beast would reveal that there are unequivocal square-like patterns edged in silver. These square-like patterns edged in silver are grouped/aligned in three separate horizontal layers (threescore). The first two horizontal layers are located on the grille and the third horizontal layer on the front bumper/front fender.

If you count the square-like patterns edged in silver on the three horizontal layers, the first horizontal layer consists of 6 patterns. The second layer 6 patterns. The third layer 6 patterns. Thus, the Yaw-Vinci Code.

Note the 666 from tallying the number of squares on each layer; the mark of the beast on the forehead of Obama’s Cadillac.

The Question therefore is, WHY would anybody leave such an encoded yet distinctive ‘mark’ on a car meant for OBAMA? Does President Obama know and approve of this?

I hope the images below assist in understanding the Yaw-Vinci Code.


Author of Yaw-Vinci Code.


Columnist: Ntrakwah, Nana Yaw