You Can Not Threaten And Intimidate Ghanaians

Wed, 16 Apr 2014 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

You Can Not Threaten And Intimidate Ghanaians To Vote For You- NPP

When the then candidate J.A Kufour contested President J.J. Rawlings in the 1996 general elections he preached positive hatred, positive regionalism, exploited ethnicity coupled with threats and intimidations leading to the loss of lives from the camp of the NDC and he lost that election. A typical example was the late Emmanuel Yaw Gronponi a die – hard NDC Supporter who was lynched by NPP Thugs on Sunday December 1st 1996 in the NDC today 2014, who thinks about his widow and the orphans? He was sitting in a pick-up together with other NDC Supporters who wore their party “T” Shirts and drove through Old Tafo, a suburb of Kumasi where the NPP was holding a rally. The vehicle was chased and stoned by NPP Thugs and Yaw Gronponi was the Unfortunate one hit by a big stone and he fell from the vehicle, he then ran and took a refuge in a particular house up in the ceiling while bleeding severely, but the blood sucking NPP cannibals who sought to kill him broke into the house, terrorized everybody, dragged him out with his wounds and hacked every part of his head and body with cutlasses until he bled to death. He was a tall and strong fat man, so after his death, the NPP Cannibals had wanted to cut his body into pieces and share his meat among themselves to go and prepare supper that day, but the late Otumfuo Opoku Ware II got wind of it and ordered that the body be sent to the Mortuary at the Okomfo Anokye Teaching Hospital after issuing a stern warning to the Leaders of the violent prone NPP that year. The question I want to ask the NPP is this, do we go to political party rallies with arms such as Machetes, Grenades, Pistols, Old Pestles, Hammers and offensive weapons like knives etc.? All these took place right under the noses of Ghana’s Clergy who closed their mouths and plugged their ears because they share the same philosophy with of the blood soaked tribal grouping calling itself the NPP because they are Conservatives. Let me remind all NPP members in Ghana that it is very dangerous to chase a coward too far.


I visited the Okomfo Anokye Teaching Hospital Mortuary together with 8 NDC members still wearing our party “T” Shirts and we saw the dead body of the late Gronponi in his party “T” Shirt and it was such a Horrifying Scene, in fact, most of us could not contain the sight of such Gruesomeness as his eyes were forced in to sockets, his fore head hammered in, his head slashed in many places and the body itself cut very deeply in many places since the NPP members were trying to share his meat. Yes, this is the so-called democratic NPP which believe in the rule of law and due process for you. The NLM/NPP Leaders always preach virtue but practice vice since 1951-2014. Despite all the violence, threats, intimidations and killings, the great NDC won the 1996 general elections by beating the then candidate J.A. Kofour in a landslide? In the year 2000 candidate Kufour was again nominated as the NPP Flag bearer and he won that election by beating the late Professor Mills who was regarded as a STRANGER that was imposed on the NDC by Prez. Rawlings at the famous Swedru declaration in 1996. The NPP government headed by Kufour decided to revenge and put in place some phony panels of investigators at the so called Special Investigations Task Force (SITF), as well as the BNI, CID, SFO etc. Their main interests had been how to distort the information and quickly plant them in the media in a manner calculated to destroy the image of the NDC as a party and the individuals involved, if not, how could Ex-Ministers who worked under President Rawlings and other Officials had to explain government policies and cabinet decisions to those so-called panel of investigators between 2001-2008? Well, the rest in history and I will comment extensively on it later on. Members of the Danquah/Busia tradition believe in a Mixture of liberalism and aggressive aspiration to appropriate the wealth of the nation for the more powerful forces from Asante/Akyem.


After 8 years of Helish Negative change under Ex-Prez. Kufour’s government more threats and intimidations of Ghanaians by NPP members continued un-abated. The killings also continued un-abated, but this time, it was led by a new Presidential candidate of the NPP and a tribal warlord on war path-Nana Akuffo Addo. In August 2008, NDC supporters were attacked by NPP supporters which resulted in the MURDER of a Chief at Gushiegu, aged 80 years, in the Northern Region because he was suspected to be an NDC supporter, so the NPP members hacked him to death and burnt his hut on top. The NPP campaign was characterized by an opulent display of stolen wealth by government functionaries as government bungalows were also sold to NPP Ministers and their friends. Why should the NLM/NPP always kill innocent people because of political power? The NPP came across as very arrogant, extremely corrupt, and drunk with the air of impunity since they believe falsely that Ghana belong to them than any other Tribe, Group or Political Class. These political criminals would surely meet their Waterloo one Fine day. The 2008 general elections went into a run-off and the NPP immediately produced a FAKE HIT LIST which alleged that if the NDC won the 2008 elections, CERTAIN HIGH PROFILE PERSONALITIES would be killed by the NDC. They were very wrong because how could Professor Mills, the King of Peace ever dream of preparing such a bloody hit list? Their deadly plan back fired as Ghanaians treated that message with the contempt it deserved and voted massively for the great NDC. Since 2008 up to date 2014, not a single hair of all those mentioned in that hit list have been removed by anybody. Oh, yes these are the property owing democrats for you -such murderous political criminals. You just keep your fingers crossed.

Is anybody listening? I shall return when the need arise. I am done ‘Jaanbie Iwaii” Alluta Continua!


Clement Sangaparee

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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement