You Cannot Remove Me For Sale – Adansi “Cadres” – Part 1

Sat, 5 May 2012 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

When a snake enters a room, it causes panic after being sprayed with chemicals and it finally comes out in the open after being sprayed with chemicals and is surrounded by many people, it is quickly killed. In a letter dated 30th December, 2011, I pleaded with his Excellency President Mills to intervene and investigate the behaviour of some three Constituency Organisers who have divided the NDC party to such an extent that 90% of the Branch Executives were not on speaking terms with them. I went on to name the affected Branch Executives with their contact numbers to match. In that letter, I told the President that I wrote it to him to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the 31st December revolution. After I gave a copy to the Constituency Chairman and the Obuasi MCE – I had the shock of my life when the Cadres in the five Constituencies that I mobilized together with MY OWN MONEY, when they confronted me and told me point blank that even though – all the contents in my letter to the President are TRUE – I must retract it. I told them to retract a factual letter for what? I did not give the Cadres a copy – where did they get a copy of that letter I asked – they replied that it was given to them by the MCE – I probed further, what was the reason for giving the letter to them - since I only gave him a copy of my letter to the President, they answered that I should be advised to withdraw it. I told them – capital No – I have never written a factual letter to anybody in my life only to withdraw it.

My petition to the President of the Republic is supposed to be an internal Party matter, why then should a copy be given to the Cadres to go into the mater to compel me to retract it? These are the main reasons why some NDC members always rush to the media to put internal Party matters in the public domain. I have never written ANYTHING concerning internal Party matters to the media but rather all such matters are always directed to the President of the Republic in the person of Prof. John Evans Atta Mills – The Coach of the NDC and Leader of the NDC since 2009 up to date. He is the only person in Ghana who can sell me in politics and not these bunch of half baked Cadres who are so immature in politics that they cannot identify a political disaster when they see one, and equally cannot see anything beyond their stomachs. This is very unfortunate on their part. The next person that can sell me is His Excellency John Darimani Mahama – the Vice President of the Republic and Assistant Coach in the NDC and not a bunch of immature Cadres like these 19poeple trying to sell me for PEANUTS within the NDC – no one can sell me because I am TOO EXPENSIVE to be sold in my capacity as a matured politician at the grassroots since 1960 as a very powerful and influential former Young Pioneer Cadre under the late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. I later supported the June 4 Up rising in 1979 and registered as a member of the June 4 Movement before joining the 31st December Revolution out of which the NDC was born. What pains me is that none of these 19 Cadres did anything to bring the party back to power. Today, one Stephen Tannoh the NFED Co-ordinator who is the Judas within the Cadre Corps have been undermining and knocking the heads of Cadres and Party Executives in the Obuasi Constituency together. Today he is now the Secretary to the Committee that has been put in place by the powers that be in the Obuasi Constituency to BEG the very NDC members that stayed away from all NDC party activities since 2009 because of the general behaviour of the three Organisers led by John Ackah the Constituency Organiser who left the party for Italy since 2007 only to return to Ghana after the NDC won the election in 2009. These half baked Cadres have compelled me to go public to set the records straight because of their FALSE RESOLUTION written to the President dated 3rd February, 2012. If the same people have turned round to set up a committee to look into the grievances of those affected strong NDC members including NDC business men and party sponsors, why should these Cadres try to compel me to retract my petition to the President of the Republic? If these 19 “Cadres” could be bold enough to write such a false resolution to the President and even provide their contact numbers as well as their signatures knowing very well that the contents of their “resolution” was completely false, then they are capable of DOING ANYTHING if they ever happen to be given some appointments in government because of sycophancy. They are worse than NPP members,

Two weeks later, I convened another meeting of the Cadre Corps again – and to my surprise – they told me that I should stop the articles I have been writing in the newspapers because I am feared by so many party members including they (the Cadres themselves), I told them that I started writing these articles since 1984 on several national issues in defence of the erstwhile PNDC government even before the NDC was formed and continued during the 8years that we were in opposition, so why didn’t they tell me to stop writing from 2001 – 2008 but decide to tell me to stop when we are now in power? Therefore I will NOT STOP today, tomorrow, the day after and forever.


The following month, I convened a meeting again and to my surprise some 19half baked Cadres out of 56Cadres led by one Stephen Tannoh the Municipal NFED Co-ordinator told me that a bird told them that if they don’t remove me as the Municipal Organiser of the United Cadres Front, it will never give them money – Ei! Do we now speak with birds in the NDC? So I should step aside to enable them get assistance from the bird or the source, I told them that I could not do so because I was elected. They went further to write a false resolution in which they described me as very destructive, irresponsible and that I do things for my selfish ends by using the name of the United Cadres Front to create confusion and writing letters against individuals and groups in a letter dated 3rd February, 2012. Why? They have been promised to get rid of me by the 3 Constituency Organisers in return for money just because I had mentioned their names in my letter to the President of the Republic. Today, as I speak, a Committee has been formed to go round and BEG scores of branch executives, party elders and business men whose names and contact numbers I had earlier written to the President of the Republic of Ghana. Now what was the main reason why these half baked Cadres led by Stephen Tannoh then write to the President that my actions are very destructive, irresponsible and that I write letters about individuals and groups in the Obuasi Constituency which is totally false. I have been vindicated completely so me and these 19 liars, who is telling the truth to the President? I do not know what is actually happening within the New NDC as some people chose to describe the Party now – because all letters, petitions sent through the party structures are always ignored. In their false resolution, they stated that people must IGNORE all the articles I have been writing and that all correspondence concerning the United Cadres Front must be channeled to them while going round at the same time pleading with all those whose names and contact numbers were written in my letter to the President. Mills will never deal with liars, so nobody should mind them. I am still in charge. I was very surprised because among the signatories to the “resolution” was one Asiedu Kotwi, a former tutor of Akrokerri College of Education who I thought should have known better. From now on, anybody who will recognize these 19cadres who sent the false resolution to the President will be considered as the person supporting their lies. However, I was not so surprised because among the signatories to that false resolution passed by the so-called Cadres – none of them helped in anyway to return the NDC to power except one Nana Kwaku Appiah, Alex Kwame Adu and this writer after the NDC lost the 2000 general elections – the rest simply vanished into thin air. It is now very glaring that all those who took on the NPP government while we were in opposition including this writer from 2001 – 2008 at the risk of our lives have been IGNORED and even RELEGATED to the background while those who DID NOTHING as well as those who did not want to be identified with the NDC party when we were in opposition have taken juicy jobs and positions, Eii! NDC! The Constituency Orgniser in the Obuasi NDC left Ghana in 2007 to Italy only to return when NDC won in 2009 – he is the present NADMO Co-ordinator in Obuasi – (2) The Present NFED Co-ordinator claims to be a Cadre and an NDC member but could not even identify with the NDC from 2001 – 2008 for fear of being sacked by the then NPP MCE. Today, he is among the Confusionists in the NDC who told me to step aside for them to get some Money that were promised them by a bird. Frankly speaking, being the Organiser of the Cadres does not attract ANY SALARY. MY JOB IS PURELY VOLUNTARY, IF WE WERE BEING PAID – I WOULD HAVE RESIGNED STRAIGHT AWAY, but once we are not paid, I will pursue the strange behaviour of the NFED Co-ordinator and his group and go to the bottom of the case and finally expose them – because they are out to amass wealth and kill the NDC party in Obuasi since they have written a false resolution to deceive the President of Ghana. The floating voters always depend on the ruling party’s footsoldiers to vote for the party – because it is the footsoldier who is able to talk with the floating voter to vote for his party – but what is going on in the party looks as if top party members in the NDC do not care if the NDC lose the 2012 elections, they always turn a deaf ear to all petitions written to them. Some Constituency Executives are even praying that the NDC loses the 2012 elections so that they go and enjoy their wealth with their families while the rest of us suffer once again. Those half baked Cadres who have planned to exchange me for money from their so-called bird which they don’t want to name, they would fail since I will expose them so who is now selfish?


Any person or institution dealing with these group led by Stephen Tannoh is doing so in their own risks. The NPP in opposition still has money because their Polling Agents are well fed and given GH¢10 a day while the ruling NDC party gives its Polling Agents GH¢5.00 a day – what a shock. Frankly speaking, the comfort of political office has blinded most Constituency Executives and some appointees to the REALITY on the ground. Let me remind such people that without the support of the people – all appointees are nothing before a decimal point. The NDC is fast becoming a very strange party because its supporters suffer the most even though it is in power. NDC Editors of the various newspapers would not be assisted with funds to meet their production costs, its businessmen will not be given jobs and this is not happening under the Mills government alone but even it happened under President Rawlings time in office. When you make enquiries, some appointees would tell you that the government is for all Ghanaians and therefore cannot help you. Did the NDC go to all Ghanaians when we were in opposition? Answer: It is Capital No, so those who behave that way are rather undermining President Mills and not those who have been given jobs but did not work or do anything to bring the party back to power. They must do the party work alone if they won’t change, or is the NDC in a hurry to go back to opposition again since most Constituency Executives and even some MMDCE’s deny that there is division in the NDC as clearly happened in Obuasi when I took up by pen to petition the President of the Republic. Some false Cadres were mobilized by some unseen hands to remove me in exchange for Cash They even attempted to compel me to retract a factual petition I wrote to the President of the Republic? Nothing but VOTER APATHY will cause NDC in 2012 if things continue to go this way where people lie to the President just like these 19 “Cadres” calling for recognition by saying that all is well in the various Constituencies while the opposite in the case. I will pursue the case of that imaginary bird in Obuasi which told the “Cadres” to remove me in Exchange for MONEY. Do these people have to deceive the President and everybody else in order to become Leaders of the Cadres? I am Not For Sale. The Adansi “Cadres” whose ranks were infiltrated by some UNSEEN HANDS can never sell me because I am too EXPENSIVE as a Cadre to be bought by any person or group of persons. You keep your fingers crossed I will get to the very bottom of this matter at all cost, so all those who did not help to bring back the NDC to power in 2009 must not destroy the party for us, because they will all vanish into thin air again if the NDC lose the 2012 election, God forbid – Mills will surely win but, with a SLIM MARGIN again at all cost – we cannot allow him to walk in the middle of the road alone. Is any body listening? I am done – “Jaanbie Iwaii”, Aluta Continua!


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Clement Sangaparee

Municipal Organiser

United Cadres Front


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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement