You Cannot Remove Me For Sale – Adansi “Cadres” – Part 2

Wed, 9 May 2012 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

A revolution is launched to change the attitude and perception of people towards society. It makes them aware of the roles they are to play in society for the upliftment of HUMAN values and for human progress. June 4 and the 31st December did exactly that since thousands of cadres including this writer virtually carried the revolution on our backs FEARLESSLY WITH vim and helped to expose scores of coup attempts where several lives of cadres were lost, so between 1982-1992 Who were you to make any coup attempt in this county? Yes, several attempts were made but they were all foiled- After all, who born dog? I was therefore very surprised and even shocked to the marrow when I mobilised some 56 cadres, the majority of who abandoned the NDC completely from 2001-2008 to come together and we find the way forward in NDC and used my own money to travel to all the 5 constituencies in the Adansi District and brought 56 cadres who were holed up in their various homes immediately Prez. Mills was inaugurated on7th Jan 2009. This meeting was going on successfully but there was a mole in our midst who is half NPP and half NDC because of what he did during the NPP administration from 2001-2008.He is the NFED CO-ordinator in Obuasi who has been holding secret meetings with the cadres in his office since 2010 to find a way to remove me on the orders of the unseen hands who they described as a bird in exchange for cash but will not disclose his identity. As I stated earlier, I would have simply resigned as the Municipal Organizer of the United Cadres Front if we were given monthly salaries for the work that we do, but once it is PURELY VOLUNTARY, I will not move an inch but will rather expose and make them transparent for the public to see the kind of stomach politicians and sycophants that they are. They are prepared to go to any length of false hood to destroy innocent people. Mr. Stephen Tannoh of the NFED who is creating the confusion by also appending his signature to that false resolution must chose between his job as a civil servant and the purely voluntary position of the Organiser and leader of the Cadres. Is it irresponsible on my part to organize the cadres?

2) Am I very destructive for petitioning the President of the Republic and leader of the NDC to do something about the division of the NDC in Obuasi which is a fact? As I speak, a committee has been put in place to beg all those mentioned in my letter to the President. 3) Talking about selfish interests as one of the charges against me, didn’t these 19 half baked cadres tell me that a bird told them that if they did not remove me, it will never assist them with cash and straight away, the group rushed to write that false resolution to the sitting President dated 3rd February, 2012? Now, who is seeking his selfish interests? Is it the 19 “Cadres or this writer”? I told them in my reply to their resolution that they have stirred the hornests’ nest by writing that false resolution about me and they taught I was joking now the bees will fly. 4) Didn’t they as a group threaten to destroy my political career if I refuse to step down and also stop writing articles to the media? Who are they to stop me from writing the articles – they must burn the sea or go to hell. 5) I am giving free advice to Albert Osei Yaw, the man who appended his signature to that “resolution” to be very careful, otherwise he will one day sign his own death warrant without understanding its contents because he was NOT the one who wrote that false resolution but he signed it. I have sworn never to publish false articles about any person or group of persons in Ghana. I was shocked to the marrow when I saw the name, contact number and signature of Nana Oppong Kyekyeku, a hardworking Cadre who was even nominated by the President for the position of a District Chief Executive for New Edubiase, but a fellow Cadre who happened to be the Constituency Chairman of New Edubiase Constituency blocked his appointment completely. By stooping so low to also sign that false resolution full of mischief to the President about me, it serves him right. If he had gotten the nod to become the DCE for New Edubiase, would he had sat down unconcerned and allowed such care free Organizers to destroy the NDC in New Edubiase as they have done in Obuasi?

He must go back to Akrofuom where he was the Constituency Chairman of the NDC but allowed himself to be voted out together with Mr. Owusu Nuamah – a former Constituency Organiser who was given a motor – bike and he always used the motor-bike to conduct his private business to and from Obuasi instead of doing organizational work at the grassroots in the Akrofuom Constituency when the NDC was in opposition. Also appending his signature to the false resolution is Mr. Asiedu Kotwi another so-called Cadre and tutor of Akrokerri College of Education who was once approached to contest as a Member of Parliament on the ticket of the NDC in 2004 and he told the then Constituency Chairman in my presence that his family members would not allow him to contest it. Today, he is describing himself as a Cadre and a staunch NDC supporter. For 9 solid years, Madam Christiana J.Kagya the first woman to append her signature on that false resolution DID NOT WANT TO IDENTIFY HERSELF with the NDC when we were in opposition from 2001 – 2008 and never DID anything to bring back the NDC to power and even vanished into thin air. However, when the NDC won the 2008 elections she quickly rushed down and was made a Government Appointee at the Obuasi Municipal Assembly because her relatives are in control – complete nepotism. I think that false resolution written by these “Cadres” to the President of the Republic about my destructive activities in the NDC is to give me the opportunity to rather inform the President and Leader of the NDC about the true colours of all those who appended their signatures to that infamous resolution and this is exactly what I have done. One Theresah Abrafi also appended her signature, I don’t even know her to be a cadre at all as well as a certain Ishak A. Kanshak. It is only the President of the Republic who is the Coach of the NDC team and his Assistant Coach, His Excellency John Darimani Mahama who can buy me and not a bunch of Lazy Cadres who remained in their various homes until I went round to mobilize them only for 19 “Cadres” out of 56 allowed themselves to be manipulated by some unseen hands to remove me in return for cash, THEY WOULD SPEND SUCH CASH AT THE WRONG SIDES OF THEIR FOUL MOUTHS – mark my words, I prefer to work with the “Worst” government of Prez. Mills to the so-called vibrant government of the NPP tribal bigots and war mongers since John and John have ensured PEACE in the country and must be given the mandate again in 2012. What is coming, is coming and what will happen, will happen. Keep your fingers crossed, I shall return. Is any body listening? I am done – “Jaanbie Iwaii”, Aluta Continua!


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Clement Sangaparee

Municipal Organiser

United Cadres Font


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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement