You Will All Be Hooted At,

Fri, 27 Jul 2012 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

And Chased Out Of This Country If…..

I am writing this open letter to the National Leadership of the Great Akatamanso Family as a matter of urgency to stop the character assassinations, villifications, pull him down attitudes, constant wranglings, and insulting the Rawlingses because the couple is the Father and Mother of the NDC, and so if the Rawlingses drop their famous boom speeches’ simply refuse to re-act to them and rather focus on your campaign for 2012, after all, it was the very leadership whose actions and in-actions brought about all these. The Rawlingses lose nothing, in terms of financial matters if the NDC falls, but the NDC will rather take over 50years to come back to power or die a natural death, because nobody will be prepared to sacrifice for the NDC to come back to power for Monkeys to work for Baboons to chop once again. Yes, it is a fact and this writer was a victim and had been a victim since 1982 to date, 2012. When that happens, the well organised and fabulously wealthy NPP led by the hot headed NPP flagbearer will corrupt the Judiciary, legalise the COCAINE TRADE, and RULE forever and ever Amen. The NPP which is an offshoot of Dr. Busia’s Progress Party government chased Aliens away in 1969 and looted their immovable properties and cash, so don’t play with them at all.


When that happens (God Forbid) Nana Akuffo Addo will implicate Rawlings with a fake coup attempt and detain him and everybody including this writer who has been in the trenches with the Rawlingses since he handed over to the late Dr. Limann in Sept. 1979 will accept the decision of Nana Akuffo Addo, because of the way he (Rawlings) is treating President Mills who he single handedly IMPOSED ON THE NDC BY FORCE in 1996, but does not want to see eye to eye with him today. Look here, I am writing from Obuasi in the Ashanti Region, the political headquarters of the NPP and I know what I am talking about, so you either take it or leave it, because it is my back case. Rawlings will never shut up again if that “short man” wins the 2012 general elections with Nana Akuffo Addo as the President. In re-action, Nana Addo the no nonsense slant speaking “president” will simply put Rawlings in a House Arrest and nobody will support Rawlings again including this writer who has been in the trenches with them since the formation of the June 4 Movement in 1979 to date. Ghana will then become a ONE PARTY STATE ruled by the NPP forever and ever, Amen. – all the neglected surviving cadres will mobilize the masses to CHASE OUT ALL THE NDC PARTY EXECUTIVES FROM THE NATIONAL, REGIONAL AND CONSTITUENCY LEVELS OUT OF GHANA INCLUDING ALL MINISTERS OF STATE AS WELL AS MMDCE’s and support the Blue Elephant to govern the country because they know how to support and respect their footsoldiers. As for the NDC, they would snob you and even tell the Public that you are not a card bearing NDC member when you land into trouble while working for the party, so what sort of people are they? Well, in the abundance of water, the fool becomes VERY THIRSTY, that is the main reason why the leadership of the NDC is pretending and playing the ostrich by saying that all is well when the opposite is the case. For all you know, the NDC is very much in a hurry to go back to opposition after the four year term of President Mills as things are fast falling apart and that is why the party is still locking horns with the Rawlingses, thus making some people who are not even qualified to polish the shoes of the Rawlingses to openly insult them with impunity. Anyway, when you put a uniform on a goat, it will behave strangely – why? Here is the reason. In 1982 under the erstwhile PNDC, that revolutionary government was begging people to accept appointments as PNDC District Secretaries now (DCE’s). Today 2012, the position of District Chief Executives are mostly for MONEY BAGS – This does not mean that they pay bribes to get their appointments from the President one has to pat the hands of Assembly Members with Fat Envelopes before getting one’s confirmation since Ex-Prez Kuffour’s time in office to the Mills administration, so what are some people now talking about in the NDC today? To Comrade Rawlings, when did you know the real name of Nana Akuffo Addo the NPP flagbearer, since you have been describing him as that short man? Is Nana Akuffo Akuffo now better than President J.E.A. Mills who you imposed on the NDC by FORCE in 1996 and campaigned vigorously to make him the President of Ghana in 2009? Did President Mills ever tell you that he wanted to become Ghana’s President since he was only known within the Academia in his capacity as a Law lecturer? Do you think your own cadres including this writer would allow you to disgrace the very honest man of integrity in the person of Prez. Mills and leave him alone on the road to serve only ONE TERM IN OFFICE? “Tofiakwa” double, double. We shall put Prez. Mills inside an Air Force Plane with a wheel chair in it and campaign for him to become the President of Ghana and serve his 8years term in office even if he becomes a cripple, so you MUST CAMPAIGN FOR HIM BECAUSE IT WAS YOU WHO PUT HIM THERE. If you are saying that the Mills administration is showing ingratitude to you, it was you (Rawlings) who started first by saying that Mills lost the general elections in his very first week in office – Were you not showing in gratitude to him? When Prez. Mills stated that he will win the elections in a land slide at Sunyani in July 2012, you (Rawlings) sharply replied thus; You will win, but you will loose the elections in 2012 – Were you not UNGRATEFUL TO HIM? Did President Mills ever utter a word in re-action to your bitter attacks? No If you chase a coward too far, you will meet his bravery, therefore your own cadres will give you some fitting rejoinders on behalf of Mills if you don’t stop attacking him, is that clear? If you don’t stop it, this writer will volunteer to do so on behalf of Prez. Mills and will not stop it, even if Prez. Mills ask me not to do so because we are not comfortable with your constant attacks on the very man of integrity you IMPOSED ON THE NDC by force in 1996. Is that clear? What is coming, is coming, and what will happen, will happen.


When I was a miner in the AGC, now AGA Ltd. From 1973 – 2003, the management had and still have the above definition (final warning) in its disciplinary code, and all the then 11,000 strong workforce majority of who were stark illiterates understood its maiming very well, because it means that when an AGC Personnel Officer ask ANY MINER of ANY STATUS to sign it officially, it means that such a miner has been SACKED, so the leadership of the NDC must surely be sacked en-bloc, as well as all government appointees if they refuse to implement Dr. Kwabena Agyei’s letter that he wrote to the President since Jan, 2012 to date concerning the True state of the NDC party nationwide which is 100% FACTUAL. Rawlings must also know that there are always underhand dealings n every constitutional govt. and it happened during his administration, so why is he blaming Prez. Mills today? All those who also describe cadres as “Rawlings Boys” are rather exposing their ignorance in public because President Mills is the No. 1official recognized Rawlings Boy in Ghana since 1996 and it is Prez. Mills who gave them their appointments. So if they hate Rawlings or his Boys, then they must all resign en-bloc or give the Cadres a break – is that clear? I am done. “Jaanbie Iwaii Aluta Continua!





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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement