You can only think right If you want to do right

Mind If you want to do what is right, that is when you can think right

Tue, 8 May 2018 Source: Samoa Mensa

When one of our recent Governments took office, I submitted a written document to the Office Of The President. I addressed very good issues that in my opinion could help the country to develop far beyond the growth at the moment.

I believe other concerned citizens have done same. I am sure some good citizens have suggested very good policy documents to both previous and present Governments especially on the potent strategy to check corruption in the country. I doubt such selfless documents reach the Presidents' desks.

Another day, I met some of my friends who were privy to the document I sent to the Government. We were discussing a fresh issue on Governance. I made a suggestion and my friends marvelled. Later on, one of them named Prince burst out, "these people must hear this": and he quizzed "of all their scholarly nature, why can't they think like you do? ".

Spontaneously, I also replied : "You can only think Right if you want to do Right". When the mind is corrupt, it will not even allow itself to think right. Thinking right and acting on it will minimise returns these corrupt minds amass from corruption.

If you want to do what is right, that is when you can think right. If you want to be set free, that is when you ask for freedom. If you want a job, that is when you apply for a job. If you want help, that is when you call for help.

As a Bible Commentator, these words really helped me to understand the Scripture Romans 10:13 which reads "Everyone who calls out to the help of the Lord shall be saved." Yes! If you want to be saved, that is when you will call for the help of The Saving Hands.

If you largely show your thirst, that is when God in the Person of Jesus will give you water. If you make your weakness plain, that is when He will make you strong. If you tell your hunger, He will put bread on the Table.

Jesus counts on your desire to reach you. So right desire is the only drive for a person to think and act right.

If you do not want to stop fornication, adultery, alcoholism, lies, corruption, hatred, envy etc. how can you act for God to save you? If you do not want to stop sinning, how can Jesus cleanse you with His blood? No Way, It happens not like that.

Jesus says, bring your heavy burdens and say I'm tired of living this way on my own. He shall save you and give you eternal rest.

Call on Jesus, He shall save you. He loves you. Amen.

Columnist: Samoa Mensa