You never had a place if a doll can take your place

Sex  Dolls Demand for sex dolls have increased on the markets

Wed, 24 Jan 2018 Source: Isaac Kyei Andoh

Over the past couple of weeks, news about robotic sex dolls has dominated the news and social media and all indications are that women are scared that perhaps an alternative to them is emerging.

To these women, the fact that people can spend as much as 10,000 Ghana Cedis on these dolls means that their place in the life of some men is in danger

This is what I want to tell every worried woman: in my opinion, robotic sex dolls are not supposed to take the place of women: if they do take your place, then you never had a place.

Robot are robot with nothing on you or no advantage whatsoever over you. It can be designed with the looks of Jennifer Lopez, with butt like that of Amber Rose or with the boobs of Nicki Minaj, it remains a factory manufactured product with probably made in China written on it.

But you my dear sister is a symbol of God's own beauty with your part in a man such that a thousand dolls cannot replace Your smile alone is worth a thousand dolls so imagine your hug, kiss and the very ultimate: sex. Hundred Thousand men will queue to have a little sip of you in place of 20 dolls each to themselves. Don't belittle yourself by recognising a doll as a competitor to the attention you seek.

Most of the men who buy these dolls are the very people who tend to masturbate when you are not readily available. The doll is just a cheaper version of you for even cheaper men who probably don't deserve you in the first place.

It is not to take your place but to fill the void your absence leaves in the lives of people who can't control themselves.

So why are you bothered? Why are you bothered that a battery powered equipment can be a good enough an alternative to you?

If a robot can replace you, just remember that you never had a place: allow the innocent robot to be. A woman is a man's treasure, incomparable, irreplaceable and let me tautologically add that is without a substitute.

Just imagine after the sex with the doll or to put it better, after raping the doll... when a man, sapped off his energy after sex and in need of a lovely conversation but can only turn to an inanimate object. If anything at all, feel sorry for those who seek emotional gratification in things that will leave them unfulfilled in the long-term.

Instead of worrying about these dolls and measuring your worth by a man in your life, make yourself an independent woman of substance whose place in a man’s life isn’t just an animate aspect of sex dolls but a real partner in this journey of life.

Take sex away from relationships and you’d realise that many women offer nothing. If you offer more than sex in relationship, you have a worth in the absence of sex. If all you bring to the table is sex, then you are likely to live in the fear of losing your place to factory made sex doll.

My dear, place value on yourself, you are more than a sex object, you are part of a man's life when sex is not in the equation. The man needs you the same way you think you need him.

Don't underrate your worth in life and start being jealous of a mere aboduaba (doll).

If dildos couldn't replace us men: sex dolls can't do any better. If it does, leave the innocent and lifeless doll alone: you never had a place to start with.

Columnist: Isaac Kyei Andoh