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Your lies Mr. 'Promise and Fail' president are monstrous

Your lies Mr. 'Promise and Fail' president are monstrous

Sat, 6 Feb 2016 Source: Fadi Dabbousi

In all my adult years, I have never come across heinousness as criminal as the utterances of the President of the Republic of Ghana, Mr John Dramani Mahama. What does he take Ghanaians for? Aaaah, I remember! He takes us for people with short memories, goaded goats, and gullible voting clones.

I must state that in his tenure in office thus far, he has slam-dunked the country into a disastrous freefall. The deluge of tens of billions of US Dollars in foreign debt are unaccounted for, albeit an insignificant three and half billion dollars make for the total signature projects that he can boast of, shamefully.

His promise for a one-time premium on the NHIS was futile and diagnosed with kwashiorkor that pronounced the dream dead on arrival. His promise to bring into service a bullet train remains as scurrilous a nightmare as it was when he made it. His incitement of ethnicity in the midst of a nation bound by the ethics of unity is a flagitious indictment of his callousness. His indecorous vituperations against the learned folks from opposition groups for revealing his incompetency is an attestation of his suspected charlatanism. His policy of excessive taxation on everything has got nursing mothers running for cover to avoid the possibility of taxing babies for breastfeeding.

The belligerence with which he handled the protests of Doctors, nurses, civil servants, drivers, etc, leaves a lot to be desired. It smacked of an acute lack of vision and wisdom that are requisite necessities to assume the highest office of the land. The situation is surreal with each passing day coming with its own signature scandal: SADA; Gyeada; RLG; Asongtaba; procurement of buses and their branding; AmeriGate; reforestation; squandering of millions of Ghana Cedis on unnecessary travel; deceitful governance; delinquencies; and naked insouciance.

More is the pity with cosmetic governance and shady projects like the dead idea of a new international airport at Prampram; over-exaggerated cost of roads and interchanges that can barely be described as safe; fake commissions to investigate corruption that is never treated with the urgency that needs be, camouflaged cover-up of harrowing circumstances of thievery under his administration; the repositioning of sacked ministers and officials like the shamed Director of CHRAJ, Lauretta Vivian Lamptey, and many more cases of incest and rape of the nation’s dignity.

Analyse it as you please but the glaring truth is as petrifying as no one can ever envisage. John Dramani Mahama, aka “promise and fail” Mahama, has not only shredded our dignity as Ghanaians into irredeemable smithereens, he has also impoverished the nation beyond salvation. It would have to take wise professionals to pull this country out of the quagmire that the president has sunk her in. Even then, it will take time to do so, but John Mahama has the effrontery to lie to Ghanaians yet another time, but not the last, that his impossible second term in office is about putting money into our pockets.

Excuse me Sir, after impoverishing the nation with your imprudent policies of over-taxation, criminal theft of the resources, as is being talked about in the public domain with evidence that cannot but indict you and your outfit, how do you suppose you are going to that?

When you borrow hundreds of millions to pay debt on the billions of dollars that Ghana owes the international community under your auspices, how are you going to put money in people’s pockets? Or were you referring to the 50 Cedis that you intend distributing to the electorate to buy their conscience?

If you really care for the nation, you won’t be making such tasteless promises with the intent to muddle the minds of the people. You use oil money to buy hundreds of cars to dish out to your NDC cohorts when with that amount you can help revive the dead economy, rejuvenate the school feeding programme, and subsidise education, which you promised would be free….of course, that was another lie. What are you saying? What are you doing?

The importation of supposed ex-Guantanamo prisoners regarded as high risk terrorists was the last straw. You sold the country’s peace and stability for an insignificant amount, which you did not even account for. At least the testimony of the Americans exposed you. According to sources, there are a few more en route, and only GOD knows where we are headed. You have derailed our security, and caused the collapse of many businesses rendering hundreds of thousands of responsible citizens jobless.

GOD is watching over the nation otherwise left up to you, the abyss that you have wedged us into will be our burial ground because you have nothing good for the nation. To say that Ghanaians would be ungrateful if they did not vote for you in the upcoming Presidential election is as much an insult to their integrity as it is a shame to our history. You have plagued us with sinful misappropriation of our resources denying professionals their rights, yet you tout the fallible idea of putting money into the pockets of the people.

The flagrant breach of laws that guarantee our freedom and justice continue to be flouted like nobody’s business. After all, it was under your auspices that Judges were more callous in taking bribes than can be imagined, hence the continued silence of the lambs of justice. You are a beneficiary of the NDC, a political party that was born out of coup d’états, violence, and crime. However, you forgot that and talked about Kwame Nkrumah’s overthrow due to difficult circumstances. Today, we are certainly going through acutely difficult circumstances, more than our fathers suffered under President Nkrumah, so what sayeth thou, Sire?


#SayNoToJohnMahama #VoteJohnMahamOutAndRedeemTheNation

Columnist: Fadi Dabbousi