Youth unemployment: The time bomb Ghana sits on

Fresh Market The issue of unemployment remains the same depsite government's promise to monetise the economy

Fri, 2 Mar 2018 Source: Dumenu Charles Selorm

I recall vividly accounts shared by my grandparents of their salad days in Ghana.

Apart from the good life, they have always emphasised the good sense of belonginess and warmth that came with the good sense of security. Well nothing really remains the same ever.

Our population has increased exponentially but unparalleled by stagnancy in the growth of our economy and hence national development.

The absence of a "National Agenda" has always been evident in policy making by all political divides over the years. My observation is political parties have always prioritised party interest over national interest when in governance.

Basically, party interests circumvent around maintaining party popularity and in governance which may not necessarily reflect national interest. The political landscape in Ghana has been enveloped by this tradition and we could hope for a change but without frantic efforts, it is just another wet dream.

The conventional mandate of the Police in Ghana and elsewhere is maintaining law and order. This role is quite sensitive but they have not received all the support they require. Governments over the years have contributed their bit but it has always been inconsistent.

The Police have been out numbered and under resourced for far too long and the supposed air of insecurity is likely a ripple effect of their neglect over the years by various governments.

Data from www.numbeo.com shows there is a;

Crime Rate: 47.58 percent

Safety Index: 52.42 percent

Safety Walking Alone During the day: 76.10

Safety walking alone during night: 41.03

Level of crime: 48.12

Crime increasing in the Past 3 years: 54.76

Presently, the country faces the challenge of youth unemployment with about 48% of them. unemployed. The fact is even a lot of those employed are actually underemployed. Under this subset,we find graduate unemployment. This chronic problem has graduated into other challenges as seen in neighbouring countries like Nigeria.

Youth unemployment has become the bedrock of increasing crime rates. With more literate youth indulging in violent and sophisticated crimes. Ebele et al (2015) in their publication "Implications of Youth Unemployment and violent crimes on economic growth" depicts this with clarity.

This is a ripple effect of the failure of most governments to manage the chronic unemployment rates. Graduates with their ingenuity find ways to survive and outwit the frustrating systems there is.

Many potential "Robin Hoods" are in the making and we are sitting on a time bomb.When it does explode (God forbid) there won't be room for anybody to escape it. There is no continuity in national development for the absence of a national agenda and the youth are fed up, tired and finding ways to manoeuver and meet their interests.

Ghanaians are loosing all their love for their country, they are equally losing their sense of belonginess because they feel alienated when it comes to equal opportunities. Our school syllabi do not empower us to be entrepreneurs.

There is no vocational training just as revealed in Nigeria by Ajayi, (2015). Entrepreneurs do not get funding and are unable to have start ups. The hardship from poverty is teaching the youth to be more creative with crime since they lack guidance and have almost lost hope. Ghana is at a verge of seeing more of its youth especially very educated one's in sophisticated and violent crimes.

There is no more patriotism, few who still hold that spirit may lose it soon. This is the bitter experience Nigeria is still battling with and we must come together to address this. Over looking our political colors and have all hands on deck.

Every government needs our support as Ghanaians, the Police needs our support and the youth need a timely intervention to secure our future from the danger hovering around.

In conclusion, I humbly suggest we all listen to the song from "Culture - Share the riches". It would remind us to share the riches and opportunities with the poor or they would share their poverty with us. Lets share this. God bless Ghana

Columnist: Dumenu Charles Selorm