Opinions Thu, 25 Jul 2013

Tribute to Mills


Today is Wednesday the 24th day of July in the year of our lord

Today marks exactly a year since the fall of Comrade Mills

And Today at 14:15, an extraordinary event will happen in the history of


On this time birds will refuse to sing

And dogs will refuse to bark

Car Engines will refuse to start

And the Cock will refuse to crow

All in respect of the fallen Hero Mills

The snakes will refuse to hiss

And the clouds and skies will turn black

The Sun will go dark and pale

And horns will refuse to sound

Televisions will automatically go mute

And the Goats will stop bleating

All in respect of the selfless fallen comrade called Prof. Atta Mills

Musicians will lose their voices

And Guitars will lose their strings so as as to stop making any sound

Trumpets will seize to blow

And the trees will refuse to respond to the command of the wind

The crying scrolls will disappear

And the sound of trains will seize

All in respect of the most humble President in our history who fell a week


Angels in heaven will halt their singing as instructed by the Most High

All in celebration of the life of the Righteous son Atta Mills

The cowardice in Rawlings shall make him stop the insults of the fallen

hero at this very hour

This is a sad but a historic day

A historic day that can never be seen in mankind's history

World leaders shall halt their speeches at this time as a mark of respect

for Comrade Mills

Rest in Peace as the whole world goes mute at the hour of your death

We shall mention your name for generations to come

And talk about your good works far and near

We shall emulate your humility and selfless spirit

And continually pray for our enemies just as you thought us

We shall name our children after you

And name streets after your name

Rest Rest Rest in Peace Comrade Mills

Whilst we weep and mourn 'cos of your fall.

Ghana and the World Unite just to honour you

-Ras Einstein

Columnist: Einstein, Ras