Zu-za on a barking spree!

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Sun, 25 Nov 2018 Source: dailyguideafrica.com

There are moments that you want to speak your mind without being diplomatic. Today is one of those moments. But out of respect for my ardent readers, I will try as much as possible to tone down. More so when I’m the latest University of Ghana masters degree holder in town.

May I take this opportunity to express my deepest appreciation to my lecturers for the illuminating academic experience. Dr Ernest Ampadu, Dr Paul Butakor, Dr Samuel Amponsah, Dr Yaa Cole, Dr Rita Yeboah, Mr Elliot Kumassah, Dr Abraham Okrah and Dr Kingsley Nyarko (now head of National Accreditation Board) deserve special mention for their support and guidance.

Sorry for the little digression! Some may think using the word ‘barking’ in the heading is harsh. Others may even think it is not an appropriate word to use. But I frankly don’t know which other word to use to describe ugly noises that resemble the sound coming from a rabies infested dog.

Abusuapanin, how else can I describe the actions of the Minority in Parliament when they have decided to inundate our ears with their screams and shouts? How else can I describe their commentaries on a budget that had not been read and presented to the House of Honourables? No wonder their prejudiced minds could not see anything good in the 2019 Budget when it was finally presented.

I concede that it is partisan politics so they are only trying to score political points. But my concern is their impatience in waiting for Hon ‘Gentle’ Ken to present the budget before firing their salvos. Shouting their voices hoarse and making irresponsible economic analysis could surely be described as barking.

Do you know that the words you vomit out of your mouth may make others see you as ugly, even if your facial and other physical features say otherwise? You can therefore imagine how a man who is anything but handsome and has a penchant for vomiting very foul words would be perceived by others?

Mr ‘Goatee’ Fuseini is one man who makes me want to puke anytime I see his face on television. Trust me, his physical features have nothing to do with it. The man vomits so much bunkum that I most times wonder if he was the so-called prolific writer we were made to believe when growing up. He is a bloke who deludes himself into believing that using African proverbs in speech could be equated to wisdom.

Do not get me wrong! I do love African proverbs. Indeed, most African proverbs teach wisdom. But their indiscriminate use would rather make one look like a clown. Hmm, if just seeing Mr Goatee on television makes me want to puke, then I wonder how I would feel seeing him in person!

If there are only two blokes from the Minority in Parliament who deserve respect from the populace, then the Minority Leader will certainly be one of them. But it looks like he has been infected with the rabies-like disease, which has already infected many of his party folks. The man who hitherto provoked thoughts in many minds has joined his party folks in the barking contest.

Nothing he says is thought-provoking anymore. When I heard him speak at the party’s national delegates Congress last Saturday, I understood why the authorities at the University of Ghana nearly withdrew the masters degree awarded him. I felt ashamed when, in response to Dr Bawumia’s challenge, he told the ecstatic crowd to use Wikipedia to look up the meaning of ‘social intervention’. Is it not shameful that a Masters Degree holder does not know that Wikipedia is not a reliable source of knowledge?

General Ntontom is notoriously known for his barking prowess. Weeks leading to the congress, he intensified the barking to attract the attention of the delegates. It looks as if his efforts have paid off.

As at the time of writing, the barking Mosquito had infested the tactless Bull with a very dangerous strain of malaria. The Bull was bleeding copiously and was almost incapacitated when I last checked.

General Ntontom’s barking may win him elections. But it surely has put him into trouble. Prof Edward Dua Agyemang found his barking so disturbing that he decided to seek redress in the court. Prof Agyemang’s beef is that the barking Mosquito has damaged his ear drum. Hmm, we eagerly await the court’s decision on the matter.

It is good to have a barking dog because it could help avert a very bad situation. However, one cannot help but become alarmed when humans try emulating dogs. It is a very sad spectacle indeed!

See you next week for another interesting kokonsa, Deo volente!

Columnist: dailyguideafrica.com