Professor Kwesi Aning punches holes into Hawa Koomson's shooting story

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Comment: Professor Kwesi Aning punches holes into

2020-07-25 15:37:45
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Professor Kwesi Aning punches holes into Hawa Koom

Quote from the passage by Prof. Aning:"It is not the responsibility of public officials with official protective detail to defend themselves even when there are other law enforcement agents on the ground. If she had been informed of people being bused to the centre plus indicating that someone had promised to inform her if it continued then by picking up that gun and heading toward the centre it gives a sense of premeditatedness”.

I do not see premeditation by Hon. Hawa Koomson carrying a gun. Normally, people who have registered gun like Hawa Koomson suppose to carry it all the time considering all these arm robbers and especially political atmosphere. When you NDC communicator encouraging NDC supports to be violence it always makes sense to carry a gun. Most cases people who do carry a gun do so to give warning shots. It is more dangerous of people who do carry a knife. Most killing do happen using knives but the security tends to concentrate on a people who do pull a gun. Guns are for scaring people away before the actual danger happens. One cannot depend mainly on the police because sometimes the police are not able to help. The issue is the motorbikes are normally associate with crime, because it easy to get away quickly so no one should allow to bring motorbike to the registration center. I personally do not see any wrong for Hon. Koomson given warning shots to discourage any person who has intent to cause distractive action.

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Professor Kwesi Aning punches holes into