Professor Kwesi Aning punches holes into Hawa Koomson's shooting story

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Comment: Kwesi Aning is totally wrong

2020-07-25 17:39:23
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Professor Kwesi Aning punches holes into Hawa Koom

So because she's a public official with a protective detail, she shouldn't defend herself? This is absolute nomsense in the highest degree.......she is a human being first. ................he claims she picked up the gun when she was heading to the center...........she picked up her gun like she probably does on the daily, when heading any and everywhere. Is this twerp aware that police officials at EC centers are unarmed? And if those scoundrels had the nerve to surround the vehicle of a minister of state, practically holding her hostage, obviously, the police onsite were not capable of quelling the issue without reinforcement! She did what she had to do to survive, without harming anyone.

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Jam on Jul 25, 2020 17:39
Kwesi Aning is totally wrong