Africa beyond western aid: Way forward

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2020-11-01 17:26:34
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Africa beyond western aid: Way forward

The only time Africa beyond aid can come to fruition is when it eschew complaining about slavery,neocolonialism etc,and do the right of hard work.We cannot continue to export our natural resources to import food,which could be grown domestically.Africa the second largest continent in the world,has only south Africa as one of the world twenty largest producer of beef,and this feat can be attributed to the white minority rule until recently,In America income taxes and social security are withheld from every worker pay cheque and the taxes are used to help pay for civil servants salaries,capital projects etc.Since the US government derived the bulk of it revenues from taxes,it main concern is to create environment conducive for jobs creation,irrespective of whether the jobs are created by domestic entrepreneurs or international.Foreign investors are not seen as neo colonialist,since Americans are conscious that their investments help create jobs for idle workers to become tax payers.Africans should desist from talks that west want to keep Africa underdeveloped so they can continue to extract Africa resources.As a Ghanaian born citizen of America,I have come to conclusion,that assumption is simply not true,but cleverly designed by the elites of Africa to conceal their own corruption and incompetence handling of the economy since independence.The U.S. is good and think about big things like landing humans on Mars discovering cures for corona virus,cancers etc to promote life around the world not only in US.What Africa governments must do to halt the problem of incessant borrowing from abroad is to strive and what America government does effectively to create more formal jobs in order to boost the pool of tax payers.By so doing there will be more money domestically for borrowing from employees social security taxes.Africa cannot get pass beyond aid when millions are either unemployed or getting paid under the table,this is important work that must be done to bring about Africa beyond aid.

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Andrews on Nov 1, 17:26
Re: Africa beyond western aid: Way forward