Africa beyond western aid: Way forward

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Comment: Re: Andrews, you are not entirely right

2020-11-02 00:11:54
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Andrews, you are not entirely right

If Singapore leader Lee kuan yew was able to develop his island nation,by combating corruption and with foreign investments to facilitate jobs creation in his country.Africa Union is not a panacea for economic freedom.If Africa unite and still cannot mobilize people to work and pay taxes for developments projects,I can assure you that the prevailing hopelessness in Africa now will persist after the union.Ask your self,if Africa continue to depend on export of it natural resources to import food and the resources get depleted in future,how is future generations going to survive?This makes it imperative for the government to create conducive conditions for every able person who want to work to have job,and be able to contribute towards national development.Mechanised agriculture,no more white elephant projects investments.Also the highly fragmented retail sector of numerous petty traders and hawkers be consolidated into large supermarkets and departmental store chains.If ghana government can implement the aforementioned recommendations and dramatic improvements in the economy doesn't occur.Then I will agree with your assumptions.

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Andrews on Nov 2, 00:11
Re: Andrews, you are not entirely right