Ghanaians living in the diaspora supporting the NPP bad government are hypocrites

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Comment: Who is fit to rule Ghana? All the same

2021-05-14 01:33:47
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Ghanaians living in the diaspora supporting the NP

Is there any sensible person to lead Ghana? Name me one? There is none. AFRICA NEEDS THINKERS TO RULE THE CONTINENT. WE DON'T HAVE SMART LEADERS TO LEAD US. Africa is rich in natural resources, but the continent lacks scientific thinkers. God has blessed Africa with natural resources but, OUR brains are not working properly. Koreans, Japanese, and Chinese are using their brains well BUT our leaders are sleeping. The land is very rich but citizens are poor, the lack of wisdom, and knowledge my people perish. In the abundance of water, the FOOLS are thirsty. We have become beggars because Africans can't use their brains to utilize these natural gifts. Politicians are driving SUVs on dusty potholes roads while many have no clean water to drink. Our Africa leaders have brought disasters to their people. We Africans are suffering everywhere because of our greedy, selfish, corrupt, wicked, evil-minded leaders. The continent is rich, but citizens are suffering from poverty because of bad leaderships who support creating, loot, and share. We depend on Westerners, and Chinese to survive. Chinese are mining

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GPS on May 14, 2021 01:33
Who is fit to rule Ghana? All the same