Ghanaians living in the diaspora supporting the NPP bad government are hypocrites

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Comment: Re-Hypocrites supporting NPP.

Joe Kwaane/Ksi.
2021-05-15 19:26:14
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Ghanaians living in the diaspora supporting the NP

I'm also disappointed in this government not over poor governance, but their "TOO KNOWN ATTITUDE". Prior to the elections, I sent to them letters about them to be weary of. I told them about the No.1 spot. It came out at Awutu, but they never borded, but rode on "FREE SHS." and gave the NDC a field day. Having said this will not push me to hate them. In 1958, my late father took me to his neely cleared farm. On our way he asked me to buy food from the market. I was thinking there was good in the bush to cook. But on reaching at the farm there were some good crops but not ready for harvest. As result, after eating the food from the market, we got hungry so he stopped working and we hurried home. I continued going with him on Saturdays as I was in P.5. One day we went and we got fresh corn and another day there was some plantation and later many different types of food. Let's'FIX OUR ATTITUDES, HOMES, COMMUNITIES, TOWNS AND CITIES' and stop the Mahama was good and Nana is worse. I wanted to rush to Accra to lead the so-called celebrities who have lost their jobs to Coronavirus and want to get the FREEBIES they used to have. Let's wait for the next 10 and begin to talk more. The Christians must stop the seven days prayers in the chapel. Pray whilst working. Be punctual at work and leave when to leave. Let's begin to produce and stop buy and sell. God help Ghana. Amen.

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Joe Kwaane/Ksi. on May 15, 2021 19:26
Re-Hypocrites supporting NPP.