Now Is The Hour, Supreme Court -Part 1

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2013-02-01 06:04:06
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Now Is The Hour, Supreme Court -Part 1

In my humble opinion it is too long an article to appreciate. Could have said same things in a shorter and concise form. Secondly i wish some of you will write on both sides of an issue to educate each other but many at times is all one sided and we loose the beauty of write ups. what you are saying is wishful thinking thus if you do not project the other side of the story. As i sit here i dont know the evidence the Petitioners have. Lets assume the evidence is fabricated then your credibility is damaged for good. You are not concerned about that. That is how most Ghanaian are behaving now shamefully including some of our intellectuals. It is pathetic. All because of what? The Petitioner himself is playing by the book and all you do is being judgmental. May be i am wrong but i wish we could separate our HEARTS from our THINKING.

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CROSS on Feb 1, 06:04
Re: Now Is The Hour, Supreme Court -Part 1