Chieftaincy Succession in Bole.

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Comment: Gonja Language

2013-02-21 01:37:03
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Chieftaincy Succession in Bole.

That is pure Gonja and it one can’t say it was influenced by Akan. Gonjas are one of the earliest settlers in Ghana except that the Whiteman didn’t interact with them or document them like Ashantis because their land didn’t have minerals such as, gold that the colonist craved for.
One fact though is, Gonjas language is closer to Akan than any of the languages in the north. The intonation is the same as Ashanti. I learned this doing my national service in Salaga but, don’t take my word for it; ask any Gonja you know to say a few sentences in Gonja and compare them to Ashanti.

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Future on Feb 21, 2013 01:37