Chieftaincy Succession in Bole.

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Comment: Needled quarrels

2013-02-21 06:40:34
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Re: Chieftaincy Succession in Bole.

This article sought to educate readers about how the Bole Traditional area chieftancy succession is orderly and peaceful. It did not discuss the good or bad of the late Bolewura. Why then would two Gonjas begin to spark controversy and quarrel. It is ill placed to call the dead bad names in the Gonja tradition. Maybe Dr. Nuhu will want to exercise caution. Gbaran Seidu, your response to Dr. Nuhu's was distasteful, may you respectfully retract your words. Two wrongs make no right.

Some of us are watching how many of us understand freedom of speech. Let us be reminded that for every freedom comes with responsibilities. Whilst you're freely expressing yourself, be mindful not to overstep your bounds.

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Mahome on Feb 21, 2013 06:40