Chieftaincy Succession in Bole.

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Comment: RE Gbaran Seidu

2013-02-21 16:19:49
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Chieftaincy Succession in Bole.

Re Gbaran Seidu. What has Albert's children got to do with this? Let me tell that Albert has been able to live up to a father's expectation by sending all this children you think are not his children to the USA. If the children.
not his, the mothers will know best. Did you sleep with any of the mothers? I am surprised you could insult on this forum when a young man has taken his time to write a nice and educational piece like this one for you to show your disrespect for the elderly. Maybe you are not a Gonja.
It is a taboo for Gonjas to talk about WHAT YOU HAVE JUST SAID ABOUT HIS CHILDREN.

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BORESAH MOHAMMED on Feb 21, 2013 16:19