Will the NPP boycott independence anniversary celebration too?

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Comment: BOKOR PHD

2013-03-05 11:34:02
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Will the NPP boycott independence anniversary cele

Mr Bokor, You have now posited yourself to be the arch-enemy of NPP so be prepared to face the wrath of the well-wishers. Bokor why do you always write negativity about the Npp. Is it because of inferiority complex or because you see yourself as inward looking?
If AFAG is calling for the boycott of this year independence anniversary because of the current economic hardship, compounded by the power and water crisis, what is your beef about this? Are you not hidding in that remote Island University enjoying youself while Ghanaians back home struggle for their daily bread? Why do you connect Npp to this issue? I am yet to believe that you are a phd holder because your hypothesis does not hold water. Were you not the one who advocated that Mahama should maximise the resources that is left in our coffers vis a vis the completion of the abandoned projects ( refer to Mr President can you see the abandoned development projects? 2/3/13 modernghanaweb)
Is AFAG with their position on the boycott not in effect concurring what you said in that write-up? What at all is wrong with you? Are you competing with somebody in the Npp? Or you just want to fill the space to show off with your adulterated phd? I traced you to your facebook to see that you are too old to spew such rubbish in the public domain. Please as wisdom goes with age, be of yourself. Dont let hatred for your fellow Ghanaian drive you to lunacy. I bet you, it will take you years to reach the level of maturity of the intelligentsia in the NPP. Bokor you are the one fighting against the wind because you seem to be ignorant about your opponent. The truly misguided person is Mahama who misguidedly killed Atta Mills with the help of that Trokosi. I rest my case. IShall return to meet you when you are ready

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