What is Kwesi Pratt on about ....

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lucy rio sebbie
2013-04-21 05:52:11
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What is Kwesi Pratt on about ....

Npp will surely loss this case in court with this irregularities they are talking about cos they themselves and their pink sheet,evicence in-chief are full of irregularities. If mr.gyan and his workers who are humans cant make mistakes,then why double pinky at the court. What they needed to ddo was to file an afidavit containing what they believe in and the did with double pinky only to tell stories of electronic and what not. If its for nothing to benefit one self ,then why forcing ,going to court and telling the court to overturn results to enable nana addo rule? his he coming to rule without taking salary ? pls,give mr.gyan and the ndc a break. its all win win for jm. mr.president pls, god's light is on you and no one can tourch you. Go go og go ...high.

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lucy rio sebbie on Apr 21, 2013 05:52
Re: What is Kwesi Pratt on about ....