The Short Model Is Outdated

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Comment: TRASH.

Sir Kofi Mumui
2013-07-07 13:18:34
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The Short Model Is Outdated

Fool. Ghanaians are by nature short either through malnourishment or genetics or probably a unique combination of both. I have seen the stock of food items in several countries and I must say, our food markets are not well stocked. Our vegetable supply and intake is limited, animal and plant protein is very expensive. A casual visit to our coastal markets will show you the high cost of fish. Fish along the Volta lake is high priced. There is very little variety in the supply of vegetables- okra, tomato, egg plant, onion, pepper and a very few others. Try adding carrots and mushroom and your soup budget will be too large to manage. In our society, a handful of peanut a day for the growing child is an unaffordable luxury. So your contention/implication that mature yet stunted players are selected to hide their real age id ridiculously stupid. Remember, not all players who excel in youth tournaments progress and excel in the senior team and many have been sidelined in the youth tournaments only to excel in the senior teams. Get a life, Sir whatever your name is. Actually stop spewing forth nonsense.

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Sir Kofi Mumui on Jul 7, 13:18