The Short Model Is Outdated

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Comment: Stunted what?

2013-07-08 00:38:51
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The Short Model Is Outdated

Stunted what? may I ask the writer of this article why, even if it were true that age-cheating in the form of picking and choosing short players to play at youth level was the case, why would you wash your dirty linen in public. In the first place, I totally disagree with you about your "stunted growth" thing. The average Ghanaian of 20 yrs and below is about that height so "wetin you dey talk". What's your age and how tall are you, my brother? You see, your article would have been very constructive had you not incorporated this "stunted growth theory" you coined. That alone is insulting the intelligence of Ghanaians, especially, the management of our football teams. Please, withdraw and re-write without your theory, otherwise your theory would never fly. Thanks and God bless Ghana.

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Pee on Jul 8, 00:38