Oko Vanderpujie, Theodosia Okoh Deserves Better

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2013-07-27 21:57:53
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Nii Tsorkor, you say that "I understand the name change of the football stadium because that was the right thing to do since the Ga people were angry." Which Ga people were angry, and even if that was the case, was their anger justified to the extent that the existing principle of an outstanding honor of a great Ghanaian should have been dishonored in favor of the prejudices of a few non-descript unproductive Ga people?? I am a Ga and I as well as a majority of many other Gas in my circles were livid and outraged at this decision.

As far as I know it was only the few people in that anarchist group of the lunatic fringe of the Ga Adangme Association, headed by KB Asante, that bullied the cross-starred Vanderpuiye to change the name of the stadium in Accra. Of course the association of area boys, erroneously referred to as Assemblymen, would tag along to support the "Mayor" in return for a few juicy road maintenance contracts.

Not surprisingly, not one single govt official in the whole NDC apparatus was wise enough to stand up to this shameful, disgarceful and reckless move.

The reversion to the colonial epithet of Flagstaff House to cast darkness over the more nationalist and respectably named Jubilee house and subsequently, Atta-Mills Highway in lieu of High Street then also, Atta-Mills Hockey Stadium instead of Theodosia Okoh, are all symptoms of the waywardness and recklessness of the current NDC govt. many senior functionaries of this NDC govt behave like an eight year old child who has been given a four-wheel car to drive.

I suspect, from your lack of decent regard and respect for national heroes that you are a member of that anarchist Ga-Adangme Youth Association. How else could you have insinuated that, "...nobody gives a damn about hockey in Ghana and that woman's name should have been kept.It won't hurt any feelings." For you, only because you think hockey is unimportant, they should have kept "that womans" name there. Which ancient planet did you just descend from? You deserve some caning on your backsides.

It seems that you also suffer from strains of old-school male chauvinism and you therefore dont exhibit any sense of decorum when you are referring to known people of the opposite sex. By her monumental contributions to our country Ghana, it sounds almost vulgar to refer to Theodosia Okoh as "that woman".

This is one of the reasons why your presumably opposite party was calling for free education. Some of you very clearly need to go back to primary school to learn about those who made this country what it is. It baffles me that you as well as Kofi Cambridge who wrote this nice article in a belated recognition of Mrs Okoh, had not known of her accomplishments before this rumpus. At least on this point we can thank Oko Vanderpuiye for bringing Theodosia Okoh to the limelight.

Very clearly, you are in principle not averse to Oko Vanderpuiyes silly antics and you would have continued the 'tradition' if given the chance.

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kutunpofo on Jul 27, 2013 21:57