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2013-08-10 04:33:08
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Caged Addison

Gentleman i think you need to be carefull of what you because what Mr. Andson alleged is new to the case
"Also why is the diffrence between the total votes for the President and the NDC MPs over 450,000? why is the total votes for all NDC PM less that that of the NPP but NDC has majority? why is the difference between the total votes for Akuffo Addo and his NPP MPs is 16(well this makes sense to me). This is all from the results of the election as announced by the EC.Trust me Maggie this does not make any statistical sense at all. This suggest to me that there was something basically wrong with the resluts announced which the SC needs to unearth"

The case has gone on for 47 days but Mr. Andson hade never made any mention of this figers so why now?

Remember this is just an allegation
not a fact and if at all can be proving should have been brouth into case earlier and not at the late hour.
There is no time to prove /disprove
this allegation and therefore it will still remain an allegation nothing more so fare as this case is concern .
Mr. Andson made some wild allegations during this trail and it actually turn out that some of the allegations were false. So i think you should do some background check before throwing you weight on it.

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