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Comment: Facts speak for themselves

2013-08-10 06:31:36
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incoherent piece

It is very obvious to most independent minds that Philip Addison did poorly at closing address. He was very incoherent, defensive and reactive. He seem very unprepared for the day. He found himself having to defend the worth of his case rather than making his case. Having to defend the number of pink sheets filed as late as the closing address is no winning strategy. Tsatsu forced him to spend precious time to be on the defensive rather than offensive. Factually and legally speaking Addison scored the lowest marks on the closing address stage. Everybody knows that, but not everybody can face that fact and FACTS ARE FACTS, PERIOD

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Almaxo on Aug 10, 2013 02:40
GYIMAH on Aug 10, 2013 06:31
Facts speak for themselves